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Administration and finance

School Census and School Workforce Census

Census dates

School census

  • Autumn 2022: Census date: 06 October 2022 (return by 11 October 2022)
  • Spring 2023: Census date: 19 January 2023 (return by 24 January 2023)
  • Summer 2023: Census date: 18 May 2023 (return by 23 May 2023) 

School workforce census

  • Autumn 2022: Census date: 03 November 2022 (return by 11 November 2022)


School census

School workforce census

Guidance notes

School census

School workforce census

Pupil forecasts

Please note: the Pupil Forecast Sheets are no longer required.  School Finance use the school census numbers on roll and the School Forecast Module to support them in their work. The School Forecast Module can be accessed by the following link;

Additional guidance and templates

Additional guidance notes

SIMS notes


*The S11 admission form is a sample form which captures information required for the school census and other information that might be relevant to schools. It is not a mandatory form that schools must use, schools can produce their own collection form, or amend the sample form as they consider necessary.  Please email for a copy of this form if required.

School census statistics