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Meet the team and contact information

The work of governing boards is increasingly being scrutinised and judged. Boards need to be able to rely on a trusted and experienced source of training, information and advice to support them in the valuable work that they do, and to ensure that they meet their legal responsibilities. The governance team knows and understands first-hand the challenges facing school governors, trustees and clerks. Our experienced staff and team of associates support, inform, guide, train and advise governors, headteachers and clerks as they seek to achieve and maintain high-quality governance within their schools in a modern climate of clear, confident, strategic leadership and sharply focused accountability.

The governance team work closely alongside our school effectiveness colleagues to ensure that governance issues are addressed and improved in line with broader school improvement issues. We have experience in supporting governing boards to draw up action plans to secure their own improvement alongside that of the school. This ensures there is a coherent improvement plan and that governors/trustees understand their role in monitoring improvement and holding professional leaders to account for performance and progress.

All members of the team staff the email and telephone helplines which are available during office hours Monday – Friday (9am – 5pm) throughout the year on 01392 287314. We have a dedicated email helpline, from which your enquiry will be directed to the appropriate team member.

The governance team also utilise the specialist skills of a range of associates, including National Leaders of Governance (NLG’s). This enables the team to draw on a wide range of practical expertise and knowledge to support boards with a particular scenario, such as federating, joining a multi-academy trust or developing new governance structures. Associates can also provide bespoke support for areas such as complaints procedures or a school investigation for formal proceedings.

Debbie Clapshaw

Debbie Clapshaw Governance Team Lead


Fiona Collier Senior Governance Adviser


Zoe Briant-Evans Governance Adviser


Mandy Norman Training and Finance


Juliet Hughes LA Governor Appointments and Database