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Workforce Census – Bulletin 1

Education Information Team 


Date:  31st October 2022 

Dear Colleagues, 

DfE School Workforce Census: Thursday 3rd November 2022.  Return by: Friday 11th November 2022 

The statutory School Workforce Census takes place on Thursday 3rd November 2022.  We strongly advise schools to do a dry run prior to this date to identify queries with your data.  Devon Guidance notes for LA Schools using will shortly be available via: 

Changes to data items for 2022 

There are no changes to existing data items and there are now new data items being collected.  The DfE have however provided some clarification on the following; 

  • Non teaching school leaders – these are recorded as ‘leadership non-teacher’ and applies to any member of staff not reported in a teaching post who is part of the school’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT) or has other formal leadership responsibilities, e.g. finance, operations, HR and other support staff formally recognised in leadership posts.
  • Disability – it is for staff themselves to decide whether they want to declare that they have a disability.  Disability status can change over time and schools should endeavour to keep this information up to date. Where disability has not yet been collected this should be recorded as information not yet obtained.  Where a staff member declines to provide any information option ‘refused’ should be used. 

For further details on data items please see the DfE Workforce collection guidance available at 

SIMS users – Fileset

Schools must have upgraded to version 7.206 or above and must have imported the most up to date fileset – 2203 at the time of publication. If you are a hosted school, Scomis will apply filesets automatically for you. If you encounter any difficulties please contact Scomis on 01392 385300.  Non hosted schools will need to download the filesets from the Scomis website and apply themselves  

Teacher Pay Ranges

DfE’s Teachers Pay and Conditions advise that from 1st September 2022 a 5% increase will be applied to all pay and allowance ranges and advisory points, with higher increases to some parts of the Main Pay Range as a step towards achieving a minimum starting salary of £30,000.  All pay uplifts will be back dated to 1 September 2022. 

Further information is provided here.  As teacher pay generates a large number of queries in the census we recommend schools check their pay ranges in sims to ensure they are correct before running a return. 

Missing Contracts 

Each year a significant number of schools upload members of staff without contracts.  When producing the census in sims, please run the Summary Report and check Table A which states whether you have members of staff without a contract.  If there are, check the Workforce Member Area Details Report to identify the member of staff (there will be an “x” in the Contracts column in “snapshot on census day”).  If they should be included in the census please add a contract or Service Level Agreement. If not, please exclude them from the census (eligible for SWR tick box). 

COLLECT Credibility reports

The DfE have produced a range of credibility reports in COLLECT to help schools check their data.  A summary from these credibility reports will be included in the Education Information Team’s data checking report that will be sent to schools.  This will indicate any data that needs to be checked and any additional credibility reports that the school needs to run in COLLECT.  As schools are responsible for accurate submissions these reports should be run and queries should be investigated and resolved. 

EDIT School Workforce Census Checking Service – School Reports 

 As you may be aware the Education Information Team undertake a number of quality checks.   Any queries will be listed in our ‘Workforce Census Checking Service – School Report’, which will be emailed to your school for your attention.  The report will provide details of any queries along with guidance on what action needs to be taken. 

Uploading Files to COLLECT via DfE Sign-in Portal 

We are aware, that some schools, have in the past encountered difficulties with their COLLECT access. We therefore ask that you check your COLLECT access by logging in to the DfE Sign in Portal as soon as possible.  If you encounter difficulties logging in click on the ‘Having problems’ link on the webpage.  

Further Guidance 

If you have any queries, or if this is your first workforce census, please email and someone from the Education Information Team will contact you to provide support and guidance. 

Kind Regards 

Education Information Team (EdIT)