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Devon County​ Council Plan 2021 – 2025Best place

Our plan focuses on how we will help the county to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, build on the resilience of local people and communities to create a fairer, healthier and more caring place, and grasp the opportunity to create a greener, more prosperous and inclusive future for all.

The best place to

  • A mother and father with their young daughter

    Grow up

    We are committed to being a child friendly Devon where all children and young people are safe, healthy, ambitious, and can fulfil their potential

  • A smiling lady in her garden

    Live well

    We are committed to being a fairer Devon: inclusive, compassionate and caring, where everyone is safe, connected and resilient

  • A young boy helping his grandad water plants in an allotment


    We are committed to being a greener and prosperous Devon, with opportunities to create a sustainable future for all

Devon is already a great place to live and work but we do have some real challenges
Our context

Councillor John Hart

My priority is to ensure Devon enjoys a strong recovery from the pandemic so we can improve the health, incomes and opportunities of our residents. We will focus on a clean, green recovery to renew and regenerate our economy and bring greater prosperity and opportunity for all our communities.
John Hart, Leader of Devon County Council

Our plan for recovery and renewal

Our priorities​ are

Respond to the climate emergency

Lead on helping Devon respond to the climate and ecological emergency, and work to protect and improve our natural environment

Making Devon greener

Be ambitious for children and young people

Work together to ensure all children are safe, healthy and can thrive with opportunities to fulfil their potential

Making a child friendly Devon

Support sustainable economic recovery

Help Devon achieve inclusive economic recovery and sustainable growth, ensure more people can take advantage of opportunities, and invest carefully to improve infrastructure

Supporting recovery and growth

Tackle poverty and inequality

Make Devon a fairer place, address poverty, health and other inequalities, and ensure support for those people and families struggling most

Tackling poverty and inequality

Improve health and wellbeing

Help people to be healthier and more resilient, ensure everyone gets the care they need, and support people to live their lives well

Improving health and wellbeing

Help communities be safe, connected and resilient

Support all our communities to be safer, better connected and more resilient with a focus on communities at greatest risk or in greatest need

Supporting people and communities

How we will work
with each other, our partners, and with citizens and communities

We are committed to being:

  • a trusted council

    a trusted council

    that leads and collaborates well, makes good decisions, uses resources effectively and is financially resilient

  • a trusted council

    an inclusive council

    that is intolerant to prejudice and discrimination, invests in, develops and nurtures our workforce, and hears the voices of all our communities

  • a trusted council

    an innovative council

    that listens and learns, uses data well and transforms the way we work in order to improve our services to the people of Devon

Our plans for the Council