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Administration and finance

Contingency planning

From time to time it may be necessary for schools to inform the Local Authority about emergency situations. Schools need to know who to contact and who to inform if the school is forced to close for any reason.

School emergency management plan

Model plan for schools to customise, to help schools with logging and managing emergencies. Please note that to access the plan you will need to enter your OSHENS (health and safety) username and password.

Emergency school closures

Every school has a login to access the My account area. This is where any temporary school closures need to be recorded, for example in extreme weather conditions. This will then pull through to the school closures page, which parents and carers will be advised to check.

The user name to access My account area is your school’s seven digit DfE number. User accounts are linked to your school’s main email account (as displayed on the school database). If your school’s email address has changed, you can update this* once you log in, but it would be really useful if you could also let the Education systems team know so that they can update the school’s database.

*Please don’t amend this main school email address to an individual’s email address.

If you need additional users to have access please complete the Request extra user account form and they will be set up for you.

If your school is part of a group, for example a Federation or MAT, we can arrange for a user account to be set up with the functionality to report multiple school closures – if this would be helpful please email a specific request to

Bagged de-icing salt

Salt can be supplied in the following methods:

  • Supply and delivery of 25kg bagged de-icing salt in 1-tonne pallets to locations in Devon (minimum quantity of 1 tonne) at £109.00/tonne
  • Supply and delivery of 1 tonne dumpy bags of de-icing salt to locations in Devon (minimum quantity of 1 tonne) at £100.50/tonne.

The supplier is required to provide facilities to unload the pallets or bags at the delivery location.
Devon County Council has an agreed supplier contract with Peacock Salt and schools can purchase through a call-off framework agreement No. CP1228-16-11 and by contacting the company:
Contact name: Mr Mike Cassidy
01292 292000
Peacock Salt
North Harbour