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School effectiveness

Curriculum review

Develop and review your curriculum

Using a specialised review tool, we will provide your leadership team including governors with a detailed audit of your curriculum. It will underline your curriculum strengths, highlight any weaknesses and help you to focus on the intent, implementation and impact within your school.

How we can help your school

We recognise that auditing the curriculum is a hugely complex and time-consuming task, and as well as the effort involved, you may need expert help and an external view to ensure that your curriculum is strong in its ‘intent, implementation and impact’.
To help you, we have developed a specialist curriculum review tool, which has been extensively tested in a range of schools. With expert adviser support to deliver the full curriculum audit, you will receive:

  • a review and evaluation of the quality of the intent, implementation and impact of your curriculum, taking your school’s unique context into account
  • a report listing clear strengths and areas for development in the intent, implementation and impact of the curriculum, with clear recommendations for action planning
  • key recommendations for staff development and leadership, including Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
  • a clear way to measure and track improvements and developments over time
  • a clear way for governors to monitor the quality of the curriculum effectively

What’s included?

Included in a review is:

  • preparation for the visit, including information on the school website and school attainment and progress data
  • an on-site visit to complete the review, focusing on key areas identified through the preparation process
  • a summary of findings report indicating clear areas of strength and areas for development

Contact us

Get in touch with us for further details about:

  • a curriculum review for a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) or group of schools
  • bespoke consultancy to support the development of your curriculum offer
  • specific curriculum subject support and advice

Call us on 07568 102728 or email
Alternatively, you can go straight to the Devon Education Services eStore to buy services.