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School effectiveness

Perspective Lite

Perspective Lite features

The Perspective Lite system provides useful tools, resources and reports for schools and teachers.

Visit notes

School visit notes from the school improvement team, KS1 moderation visits, KS2 moderation visits and EYFSP moderation are available for download.


Communications from Angel Solutions (the company that manages Perspective Lite) and from the Data and Assessment Team.

LA Document

Access to this will be crucial during July. Once you have submitted your EYFSP, phonics screening checks, phonics screening rechecks and KS1 teacher assessments to us we will make the data you submitted available here in a report. We strongly advise that you take time to check the data in these reports as we know how busy this time of year is and therefore how easy it is to make a mistake.


When your school gets the call that it is about to have an inspection Watchsted can help you prepare. You can look up the inspector due to visit you and view all the inspections they have done in one place along with findings and recommendations they have made. This quick overview also gives a map of the places your inspector has visited and outlines any particular interests, such as SEN. You can also see the number of parents who have completed the survey requested by Ofsted around inspections.


This is a very visual and quick way of seeing census data. Schools using MIS systems such as SIMS are able to generate a census file at any time which you can upload into infographics, press visualise and you have the latest contextual data for your school. This could be useful for finance or governance meetings. The condensed version can be generated and printed if this is a more useful format. It could also be of help for an Ofsted inspection. If the last official census is for the previous academic year’s cohort you may be missing information. For example if you have an influx of EAL all your support and interventions will be geared to data the inspector does not necessarily have.

Data Tabs

The sections below are available to maintained schools and academies that subscribe to our data and assessment core subscription. More information on academy subscriptions.

Data Reports

Reports for example the ones that summarise a Key stage on a page for your school. There are a variety of filters such as altering whether the data is % or counts. It is best to just have a look and get a feel for what is available.


A new feature linked to the data tabs in Perspective Lite. Insight provides you with data about your school and the developers are hopeful that you will find this particularly helpful with regards to sharing data with governors. The feature comes with a guide that can be accessed by clicking on ‘About this Page.’ Insight contains two pages: one gives visual and verbal school attainment and absence data making it accessible to a wide audience. The other outlines the school’s strengths and challenges.

Perspective Lite homepage

The homepage when logged into the Perspective Lite system, showing boxes for Records of visits, LA documents, Real time data trends, Reports, Announcements and Watchsted information

Local Authority Services page

Example of the Local Authority Services screen, showing boxes for: Reports, Real time data trends, documents folder, News, visit records and file returns

Remember under Ofsted’s framework inspectors use official national data. Accuracy is vital.

Data collection checking process

  • Check account is set up and accessible. Contact the data and assessment team if you need help.
  • Identify the person responsible for checking the data. Schools can set up multiple users.
  • During July login as reports become available.
  • On the Perspective Lite homepage click on LA Documents
  • Select the current year
  • Select EYFSP folder. Check EYFSP pupil list report.
  • Select Phonics folder. Check Phonics pupil list report. Remember to check both year 1s and year 2s.
  • Select KS1 Teacher Assessment folder. Check KS1 TA pupil list report.
  • Outcome 1: All O.K. Finish the summer term with peace of mind! Your data has been submitted correctly to the DfE.
  • Outcome 2: Errors: wrong pupils/ incorrect judgements. Contact Data and Assessment Team to explain the issue: 01392 287 317

School on a Page (SOAP)

  • Ahead of time: Check your account is set up and accessible. Contact the data and assessment team if you need help.
  • Login: End of September for initial Primary data SOAP document and mid-February for revised Primary data SOAP Document
  • On the Perspective Lite homepage click on Records of Visit
  • Category of visit should be School on a Page
  • Click on View Report for: Introductory Letter Guidance FAQs Quintiles
  • Hover over Paperclip for SOAP document to appear
  • Click on SOAP excel document and save it to download
  • Share SOAP as appropriate, e.g. school staff and governors
  • Have SOAP available to discuss at your next conversation with the adviser

Getting started with Perspective Lite

Need to set up new users or manage existing users? See our Perspective Lite – managing users guidance.

Any questions or problems? Contact the Data and Assessment Team 01392 287 317 or