What we do

Devon County Council is responsible for the safe disposal of all municipal household waste generated in the eight districts of Devon.

We are dedicated to reducing, reusing, recycling, composting and as a last option, recovering energy wherever possible.

Below you will find links to everything you need to know about using our recycling centres, the collection of your household waste and much more.

  • Pinbrook Recycling Centre

    Recycling centres

    Find you're nearest centre and make sure you know what we can accept and the types of vehicles that are permitted.

  • Some green recycling bins lined up in front of a wall

    Household collections

    If your bins have been missed or you'd like to request a new bin or box please contact your local district council.

  • Recycle Devon logo

    Recycle Devon

    Find out how to cut down on waste and save money and use our A-Z to help you reuse and recycle your unwanted items.

  • A close-up of a tradesman's hand measuring some wood with a measuring tape and a pencil

    Trade Waste

    If you're having some work done at home don't get left to deal with the waste - we can't accept it at our recycling centres.

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