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School effectiveness

Latest updates

Latest guidance

Guidance from the Department for Education

  • Primary school accountability – technical guidance on primary school accountability, school-level progress measures and similar schools.
  • Secondary accountability measures – (including Progress 8 and Attainment 8) – information for schools about secondary school accountability measures, including Progress 8 and Attainment 8.
  • Primary assessments: future dates – the future dates for primary assessments as well as the test administration guidance that was released in March 2022.

Data and assessment email updates

The Data and Assessment Team aims to keep you informed about issues such as:

  • moderation
  • monitoring
  • data collection processes
  • the guidance published by the DfE and STA such as ARAs and Teacher Assessment Frameworks
  • CPD opportunities
  • the products we are offering

Data and assessment update: Assessments 2023 – November 2022 contains: new contact details following transition into Devon County Council, assessment dates, academy moderation and monitoring arrangements, training packages, Perspective Lite for new headteachers, School on a Page, Communication from Ofsted about IDSR.