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Exeter Rifford Road Cycle Track


As part of efforts to enable more people to cycle in Exeter, Devon County Council have been working on a scheme to deliver a new, largely flat North – South two-way cycle route connecting the Beacon Heath area, and communities on route, to the Riverside Valley Park, Exe Estuary Trail and employment at Marsh Barton Industrial Estate. The new route will also connect where people live to parks and open spaces, local shops and facilities, jobs and public transport at Polsloe Bridge and the soon to be open Marsh Barton rail station.

What changes are being made?

The proposed route is being delivered in phases and this phase will be a 700m two-way cycle track on the eastern side of Rifford Road between Honiton Road and Ludwell Lane.

People walking and cycling will have their own dedicated space and will have priority when crossing the side roads, some uncontrolled crossings and a parallel crossing. Build outs and raised tables will also be improved.

As part of the proposal some junctions will also be narrowed to reduce vehicle speeds and crossing distances for people walking and cycling.

In order to deliver the new cycle track, it will be necessary to remove the central hatched area of the road. Traffic lanes and on-street parking bays will then be moved across to provide the space for the new off-road cycle track.

It will also be necessary to remove 16 on-street car parking spaces, 4 of these lost spaces are due to the provision of new driveways which were requested by residents during the informal consultation. This will of course enable off-street parking for these properties. It is proposed to carry out the necessary driveway works at the same time as delivering the new cycle track as it provides better value for money to all parties and removes the need for future disruption.

Previous consultation

During March and April 2022 Devon County Council ran an informal consultation to gauge local support for the construction of this 2-way cycle track. Some minor changes have been made to the plan to accommodate some of the feedback that was received, this included incorporating the 4 requested vehicle crossings.

Here is a link to the previous consultation page and a report on feedback from residents received during this informal consultation.


The consultation will run from 17 November until 8 December 2022.

Details of the proposal are shown in the documents below.

How do I respond?

Click here to open the submission form

What happens next?

Following the formal consultation, the responses submitted will be reviewed and a report will be presented to the next meeting of the Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders Committee, where a final decision will be made.