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Traffic information


View roadworks on a map

Devon County Council has developed an interactive roadworks map to provide present, future and completed activity, including defect repairs as well as scheduled roadworks that are taking, or have taken, place on the highway network in Devon.

For an interactive map showing details of current and planned roadworks across the country please see one network.

For roadworks, delays and diversions on the M5, A30, A35, A38 and the A303 please contact National Highways.

We aim to provide details of our schemes which have the potential to cause major disruption to road users, to explain what we are doing and why we have to do it.

Planning and coordination of roadworks

As the ‘street authority’, Devon County Council is responsible for work that ranges from planned activities to emergencies. This work can entail large scale road improvements, routine or cyclical maintenance, for example, gully emptying, grass cutting and carriageway or footpath surface treatments.

We also receive in excess of 50,000 applications from other organisations to access the network and carry out work each year.

We plan our roadworks programme in advance and try to provide as much notice as possible but often, uncompromising and challenging decisions need to be taken when performing the network coordination function.

Other organisations such as utility companies (water, gas, electricity, sewerage, and telephone-related services) are also encouraged to provide as much notice as possible to residents, but occasionally they may need to start work without doing so (they have a legal right to do this when needed) and in these circumstances, you should contact them directly with any questions or complaints.

Every work site is required to have a permit board displaying the site reference number, the promoter’s name and contact information.

Find out more about different work types and coordination


The annual highway programme can be viewed in table and map format.

Some additional information on elements of the programme:

Major schemes

Major schemes are significant local authority highway and public transport capital projects. Most involve substantial investment in infrastructure by the Department of Transport that would otherwise be beyond the means of a local authority.

We do not control work carried out by utility companies. Any queries or complaints should be directed to the relevant company, whose name should be clearly visible on their signage. Alternatively, you can check to find out who is responsible for the work.