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Scaffold or other structure

Application overview

  • Type of application: For contractors
  • Cost: £71
  • Notice needed: 10 working days

You may also need to apply for:

Returning contractors: apply for a scaffold or hoarding license here

Application details

You need a licence if you want to erect scaffolding, hoarding or other structures, on a public highway. A licence covers:

  • scaffolding
  • a mobile tower scaffold
  • a gantry
  • hoarding
  • fencing (heras)
  • a rubbish chute

You can apply for multiple items on one application if they are on the same section of the highway (structures in different locations will need separate applications).

If you require additional traffic management, we will collect this as part of this application. However, if you need to use part of the highway for another reason, such as storing materials, you will need to apply for a licence to carry out minor work on the highway.


A licence costs £71.00. Application costs are exempt from tax.

Licences are issued for the dates that the works take place, with a maximum length of 12 weeks; for longer periods you will need to apply for an extension at an additional cost of £54.00. Amendments to the licence, for example, scaffold dimensions or date changes, will also cost £54.00.

In some instances, a highway officer may have to carry out a site visit. A further charge of £89.00 will be applied if a site visit takes place.


We need a minimum of 10 working days’ notice to process the application. In exceptional emergency situations, it’s possible for us to grant a licence with less than 10 working days’ notice – but this would be at an increased cost of £130.00.

Who can apply

All applications must be made by scaffolding companies on behalf of their customers.

You may also need to apply for

A licence to carry our minor work on the highway

If you need to place further materials on the highway (road or pavement) that are associated with the scaffolding, such as building materials, you will be required to apply for a minor work on the highway licence.