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Exmouth Residents Parking

In August 2022 Devon County Council asked residents for their views on a residents parking scheme in the Colonies area (Zone A), St Andrews Road area (Zone B) and Albion Hill area (Zone C). The proposals were approved by the East Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee (HATOC) on 9 December 2022 and full details of the consultation and plans showing the proposed restrictions can be found here on the previous consultation information page. 

In summary, the committee has resolved to implement the following. 

  • that the restrictions for the Colonies area (ref 5985) and St Andrews Road area (ref 5987) be implemented as advertised; 
  • that the following roads in the Albion Hill area (ref 5988) are not included in the residents parking scheme, but the remaining No Waiting At Any Time restrictions are implemented as advertised 
    • Ryll Grove, Ryll Close, Marpool Hill, Albion Hill, Westward Drive, Gussiford Lane, Raleigh Road, Hartley Road, Rolle Road and the southern end of South
  • that the limited waiting on Southern Road (Ref 5989) are implemented
  • that all proposed no waiting at any time restrictions are implemented in the Withycombe Road area (ref 5986) and Southern Road (Ref 5989) 
  • that a report be brought back to the Committee in December 2023 to review the restrictions. 

 To help provide clarity across the proposed zones and implemented zones please see the following table. 

Proposed Area Legal Order – IdentificationDecision on implementation Scheme is being implemented as
Colonies Area 5985 Implement as advertised Colonies Area – Zone A 
Withycombe Road Area 5986 Only the No Waiting restrictions are being implemented N/A 
St Andrews Road Area 5987 Implement advertised restrictions under next zonal label St Andrews Road Area – Zone B 
Albion Hill Area 5988 Reduced implementation of advertised area* under next zonal label Albion Hill Area – Zone C 
Southern Road Area 5989 Only the No Waiting and Limited Waiting restrictions are being implemented N/A 

* the following roads in the Albion Hill area (ref 5988) are not included in the residents parking scheme, but the remaining restrictions are implemented as advertised Ryll Grove, Ryll Close, Marpool Hill, Albion Hill, Westward Drive, Gussiford Lane, Raleigh Road, Hartley Road, Rolle Road and the southern end of South Street.

The times of operation for all residents parking zones which are being implemented are Monday – Sunday 8am-8pm

A list of roads with properties eligible for residents parking permits and roads facilitating permit parking can be viewed here

The works are scheduled to be undertaken over the coming weeks, and the restrictions will come into force on 14 August 2023.

Works schedule and permits

Works will start taking place across July and will run through until the date of the scheme becoming active, with likely snagging works beyond this. We ask that residents assist the implementation of this scheme by not parking in roads whilst the works are taking place.

Affected residents will receive a letter with details of exact dates of when the scheme will become active and how to apply for permits. Permits will be available during July 2023 and applications can be made online via the Devon County Council Parking Permits webpage

The new restrictions will come into effect on 14 August 2023.

Documents – Ref 5985 (Colonies Area – Zone A)

Documents – Ref 5986 (Withycombe Road Area)

Documents – Ref 5987 (St Andrews Road Area – Zone B)

Documents – Ref 5988 (Albion Hill Area – Zone C)

Documents – Ref 5989 (Southern Road Area)


Please contact with any questions about the implementation of the Exmouth Residents Parking Zones 2023