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Pavement parking

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Pavement parking creates hazards for pedestrians, particularly blind people, children, and wheelchair and pushchair users because it forces people out into the road, putting them at risk from traffic.

Pavements aren’t designed to carry the weight of a vehicle: parking on pavements causes damage which could result in an injury to someone else and adds to our maintenance costs.

Report pavement parking

Use our online form to report regular pavement parking or call us on 0345 155 1004.

We need more information about pavement parking in Devon. We will use this to get a clear picture of the issue and to help us plan solutions, such as changing the routes of Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs)  if they are able to enforce, or deciding whether the road needs double yellow lines.

This data is for long-term planning. We can’t respond to any immediate issues and we can’t help in an emergency. If pavement parking is causing a wilful obstruction or there is danger phone the police on 101.

What can I do?

Don’t park on a pavement – driving on (including onto) a pavement is illegal and you can be fined up to £1,000 if witnessed by the police. The police can issue parking tickets for driving on a pavement, parking across a drop kerb or causing wilful obstruction. CEO powers are limited currently,  but they can issue parking tickets for parking on a footpath or verge behind marked double yellow lines or other parking restrictions. We can also issue Advisory Notices for any kind of pavement parking.

Work with your neighbours and your parish or town council to find alternatives for your street.

Raise awareness by highlighting the dangers of problem parking in local newsletters and on social media.

Sign up to the Guide Dogs ‘Streets Ahead’ campaign

Write to your MP and ask them to champion the Pavement Parking Bill to ban parking on pavements across the UK.   There is widespread support for changes in the law to tackle pavement parking across England and legislation is slowly progressing through Parliament currently.