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Topsham Residents’ Parking – Phase 2


Devon County Council has undertaken a formal consultation to gauge the support of an extension to the existing Resident Parking Zone (RPZ) within Topsham.

The intention of an RPZ is to ensure that residents have priority to park within their own area, whilst also ensuring that the needs of other road users are recognised.

Following the implementation of an RPZ in parts of Topsham in 2020, Devon County Council received comments requesting the scheme be widened to support more residents.

An informal consultation was undertaken in 2021 to determine the demand for extending the RPZ – this resulted in a formal consultation being progressed.

Further information about RPZ schemes and the consultation area for this scheme can be found below

2023 implementation

The formal consultation ran from 17 March 2022 until 14 April 2022. The results of this consultation were summarised and reported to the Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders Committee on 29th April 2022, where it was resolved that:

(a) the results of the consultation be noted; and

(b) the extension to the residents parking scheme in Topsham, as advertised, be approved subject to delegated authority to the Chief Officer for Highways, Infrastructure and Waste to determine the details in consultation with the Chair and the local County Councillor.

Restrictions will be implemented as advertised in the following roads:

  • Ashford Road
  • Belvedere Close
  • Bewick Avenue*
  • Clara Place
  • Coles Court
  • Coysh Square
  • Denver Close
  • Denver Place
  • Denver Road
  • Dunlins Walk*
  • Elm Grove Avenue
  • Elm Grove Road
  • Exe Street
  • Exedene
  • Exeter Road
  • Ferry Road
  • Follett Road
  • Gordon Road
  • Greatwood Terrace
  • Grove Hill
  • Haldon Close
  • Halyards
  • Hamilton Road
  • Haven Villas
  • High Street
  • Nelson Close
  • Newcourt Road
  • Nurseries Close
  • Orchard Way
  • Pintail Lane*
  • Plover Close*
  • Pound Close
  • Pound Lane
  • Powderham Close
  • Retreat Road
  • Riverside Road
  • Sir Alex Walk
  • St. Margarets Court
  • Sunhill Avenue
  • Sunhill Lane
  • The Mede
  • The Nab
  • Tophayes
  • Trafalgar Court
  • Whimbrel Court*

*These are privately owned roads and have been removed from the residents parking scheme at the request of the developer.

Works schedule and permits

Works will start taking place from early June and will run through until the date of the scheme becoming active. We ask that residents assist the implementation of this scheme by not parking in roads where the works are taking place.

Affected residents will receive a letter with details of exact dates of when the scheme will become active and how to apply for permits. Permits will be available during June 2023 and applications can be made online via the Devon County Council Parking Permits webpage

The new restrictions will come into effect on 3 July 2023.

Documents – Ref 5970


Please contact with any questions about the implementation of the Topsham Resident Parking Zone (Phase 2).