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Maintaining roads

Managing the network

We are responsible for over 12,800 kilometres (8,000 miles) of road, the longest network in England.

What we do

We manage the movement of traffic on the highway network. Our 24-hour service deals with incidents and emergencies, monitors traffic and congestion on major routes and plans our response to forecasted weather emergencies.

How we do this

We carry out:

  • regular safety inspections
  • surveys to gather information on the condition
  • routine maintenance, such as gully emptying
  • planned maintenance to address issues such as blocked drainage and ditches, minor road repairs, traffic signals, street lighting, road markings and signage

We also:

  • coordinate dates and timing of work to minimise disruption
  • manage and enforce parking restrictions
  • supervise and enforce highway activities including works and events

Please note that:

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