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Apply for a dropped kerb (vehicle crossing)

A dropped kerb, also often referred to as a vehicle crossing, is a section of pavement that allows vehicles to cross from the road to a driveway.

A licence is needed before any work can be carried out to create a new dropped kerb or extend an existing dropped kerb or access ramp.

A contractor must apply for a licence on your behalf. Licences cost £308

Please read the guidance below before deciding whether to appoint a contractor to make an application for you.

Contractors that have already been appointed can apply for a licence here.

If you want to create a new access onto the highway or verge and there are no kerbs to be dropped, please contact our team on 0345 155 1004 to discuss whether you need to apply for a licence.

Before appointing a contractor

Take a look at the following questions and considerations. Your answers may mean that construction of a dropped kerb outside your property is not possible or that additional work will be required at extra cost.

Pre-application checklist

Only when you are sure that all the conditions required for a dropped kerb can be met should you go ahead with appointing a contractor to apply for a licence on your behalf.

It is unlikely that full refunds will be issued if proper checks have not taken place prior to applications being received.

Likely construction costs

The cost of the work will vary depending on the contractor you choose, and the specification of the crossing required but it will probably be somewhere between £1,500 and £3,000. The cost will increase if there are obstructions or restrictions or both that need moving or removing.

If you are unsure which contractor to use, we suggest using the Buy with Confidence scheme.

We carry out random inspections both during and after construction to ensure the work is carried out satisfactorily. The work is subject to a 2-year maintenance period for which you will be liable.