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Adult social care complaints procedure

Our principles

Our process for resolving your complaint is structured around listening, responding and improving. This helps us to take a more active approach in asking for people’s views, deal with complaints more effectively and use the information we receive to learn and improve.


When we receive a complaint, we will:

  • make sure that we really understand the issues
  • find out what you want to happen as a result
  • get the right information to assess the seriousness of your complaint
  • agree a plan and timescale with you at the outset
  • maintain regular communication with you


To resolve your complaint, we will:

  • arrange for your complaint to be investigated in a way that will resolve it
    speedily and efficiently
  • keep you informed about the progress of the investigation
  • respond in the time frame agreed or agree an appropriate extension with you
  • explain how the complaint has been considered and how the conclusions were reached
  • advise you of any action we will be taking as a result of your complaint
  • advise you of the action you can take if you remain dissatisfied


As a result of any complaint, we will:

  • identify service problems and put them right
  • put into place appropriate staff learning, training or guidance
  • identify and minimise any risks
  • show that lessons have been learnt