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Social care in Devon

What does Adult Social Care do?

We work with adults in Devon for whom activities of daily living (because of illness, older age, or a disability) can be difficult. We work with people to live as independently as possible, for as long as possible.

We look at the positive aspects of your lives, self-care, and support you to gain or retain your independence and live the best life that you can.

Sometimes, we work to protect those who are at risk of harm from others or themselves. This is called safeguarding.

We always look at what you can do, your support from family, neighbours or friends, and your wider community, including the voluntary sector.

Further information detailed in our strategies and policies.

There are specific areas we will look at with you

These include:

  • managing and maintaining nutrition
  • maintaining personal hygiene
  • managing toilet needs
  • being appropriately clothed
  • being able to make use of the home safely
  • maintaining a habitable home environment
  • developing and maintaining family or other personal relationships
  • accessing and engaging in work, training, education, or volunteering
  • making use of necessary facilities or services in the local community, including public transport and recreational facilities or services
  • carrying out any caring responsibilities the adult has for a child

Do you face challenges in your life? Or do you need advice for a family member?

Why not try our self-help tool?

By answering some quick questions about your current situation, we can direct you towards information, advice and services that could help you to live independently and improve your life.

This could include useful telephone numbers and ideas from us in Adult Social Care.

What happens next?

If you are still facing challenges after using the self-help tool then you can complete a self-assessment online.

How can you access the online self-assessment?

To do this you need to complete our self-help tool. If you have two or more needs then the tool will offer you our online self-assessment.

If you are not looking for advice or information or to submit an assessment, but want to discuss something else contact Adult Social Care (Care Direct Plus) on 0345 155 1007.

For other contact details please see Devon County Council’s contact us page.

We start off by having a conversation

We listen and provide advice and guidance to help you decide what you need and want.

We look at what resources you have already got in your life – and support you to consider how to build on these resources, to improve your life.

We look at what simple solutions are available – these might be, for example, different types of equipment/technology to support you at home or in your community.

For some people, we may look at some short-term support to either support you to regain your abilities after a period of illness or to learn new skills to improve your independence.


Where there are more complex, longer-term needs, we can look at a more in-depth conversation called an assessment.

From the assessment conversation, we might need to provide support where your needs come from or are related to, a physical or mental disability or illness and as a result of your needs, you are unable to achieve two or more specific activities.

As a result, there is or is likely to be, a significant impact on your life.

More information about care needs assessments.

Depending on your needs you may speak to other specialist teams such as our occupational therapy team.

During an assessment conversation, we will talk to you about your needs and how they impact on your life. We talk about what you want to be able to do, to improve your life.

We might involve other people in the conversation, such as carers, a GP or nurse, your friends.

We will respond to you as quickly as we can, based on urgency, risk, and needs.

Where care and support services are needed, we will do a financial assessment with you. You will usually be asked to make a financial contribution towards the cost of your care.

This cost is always backdated from day one of the service starting.

Ongoing care

Where there are ongoing services being provided, we have a review conversation with:

  • you
  • the providers of your services
  • anyone else who is relevant

about how things are going.

Support for carers

If you have someone who helps you to remain independent and they need support or someone to talk to about their role, give Devon Carers a call on 03456 434 435.

More support

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