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  • Housing options

    From renting, to devon homechoice, shared lives, supported living, extra care, up to residential we have listed a number of housing options.

  • Life skills

    Advice on relationships, money management, budgeting, debt, wills and lasting power of attorney.

  • Health and wellbeing

    Keeping well, healthy is something we can all work towards. There is support and help out there to make this possible.

  • Equipment and adaptations

    It’s easy to make small changes to your home, like adding handrails, which can make it easier for you to move around.

  • Safeguarding

    If you suspect that a vulnerable adult is being abused, or you are being abused yourself and live within Devon Local Authority boundaries, please contact us.

  • Scams and financial abuse

    Help to prevent you from falling victim to scammers and con artists using postal, telephone and online scams.

  • Support if you have a disability

    Helping disabled people find information and services to stay healthy, happy and independent.

  • Friends and family

    You may be struggling to stay in touch with people because they live too far away, because it’s getting harder to visit them or because of sight or hearing problems. There are a range of solutions that can help.

  • Overcoming loneliness

    Loneliness can happen to anyone any age, there are many ways you can break this loneliness and so many groups out there who want to support you. You are not alone!

  • Volunteering

    There are so many things you can do that might make a big difference to someone else’s life and your own life too. It could be something very simple that takes up a small amount of your time.

  • Transport

    From blue badges, fare car, bus passes to community transport. There are many ways to get around Devon.

  • Mental health

    Huge amount of information, and training available to enable you to improve a good mental health and support when you need it.

  • Supporting carers in work

    Many carers manage caring responsibilities alongside a full or part-time job. There is support and information around caring and working.

  • Advocacy

    The term ‘advocacy’ describes what a member of the community (an ‘advocate’) is doing when they provide support to a person who may feel vulnerable, isolated or disempowered.

  • Care needs assessments

    The assessment will focus on how your needs for care and support impact your wellbeing.

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