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Life skills

It’s easy to take for granted some of the essential life skills that most people use every day. For others, it’s not so easy, but many want to manage their own money, study at college, get a job, have relationships and friendships, and enjoy leisure activities.

We want to help everyone in Devon to live independent, healthy lives. We can also offer support to those who have and look after someone with a disability. With the right support, most people with a disability in the UK can lead fulfilled, independent lives.


  • Preparing and eating a healthy diet

    In this section you will find information about shopping for food, preparing food, eating, maintaining a healthy weight and drinking enough fluids.

  • Getting dressed and undressed

    It’s frustrating if a mobility or balance problem makes it difficult for you to get dressed and undressed. There are a range of ways to get support with this.

  • Looking after your mental health

    Huge amount of information, and training available to enable you to improve a good mental health and support when you need it.

  • Money management

    Managing money is so important and there is support out there to help you if you find yourself in debt, or want to budget or find out what benefits are available.

  • Friendships and relationships

    If you want ways to keep in touch with friends and family, there are lots of organisations which can help you to make new friends and find people to talk to and socialise with.

  • Overcoming loneliness

    Loneliness can happen to anyone any age, there are many ways you can break this loneliness and so many groups out there who want to support you. You are not alone!

  • Safeguarding adults at risk of abuse or neglect

    If someone has care and support needs but is not currently receiving care or support from a health or care service, they may still be an adult at risk.

  • LPA and planning for your future

    Lasting power of attorneys are so important to do with your family. It ensures your wishes and the people you love and trust look after you when you may not be able to. It is as important as setting a will up.

  • Home safety

    Covering falls, gas and fire safety, personal alarms, crime prevention, Scams and financial abuse.

  • Scams and financial abuse

    Help to prevent you from falling victim to scammers and con artists using postal, telephone and online scams.

  • Volunteering

    There are so many things you can do that might make a big difference to someone else’s life and your own life too. It could be something very simple that takes up a small amount of your time.