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Adult social care complaints procedure

Who can complain?

You can complain if you are a current or former user of adult social care services. You can also complain if you have been affected, or are likely to be affected, by our actions, omissions or decisions.

You can complain on behalf of a relative or friend who is receiving services if they are not able to complain themselves. If you are complaining on behalf of someone else you must have their full knowledge and consent to do this and we may need a signed consent form which allows you to act as a representative. This is for data protection and ensures that we do not share personal information inappropriately. This would not apply if the person does not have the capacity to manage their own affairs.

You must make your complaint within 12 months of the incident that caused the problem, or of you realising there is a problem. We can extend this if circumstances show it would have been difficult for the complaint to have been made earlier, as long as it is still possible to investigate the facts of the case.

We can’t handle your complaint if Adult Social Care Services has not provided, commissioned or funded the service you want to complain about. Contact us if you would like advice about this. This process is only for adult social care complaints, other complaints are handled by other teams and procedures.