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Paying for care

Top-up payments

Top-up payments for your chosen accommodation

You can arrange top-up payments if you are receiving care and support in a residential or nursing home. It’s not possible to have top-up payments for personal and home care services (also known as community-based care and support services).

When developing your support plan we will calculate a personal budget – this is the amount that we estimate will be needed to pay for your care and support.

If your care is being provided in a residential or nursing home you can choose where you want to live, as long as it is suitable for your needs and available at the cost we have agreed in your personal budget.

If you choose a home that costs more than your personal budget we can arrange this for you, as long as a top-up payment is made to cover the difference between the value of your personal budget and the cost of your chosen accommodation.

We recommend that you get independent financial advice and information before entering into a top-up arrangement, as there may be other ways for you to pay the cost of your care.

Paying the top-up

You can pay your own top-up (first party) payment if:

  • your property is not being taken into account during the first 12 weeks of your permanent stay in a care home
  • you have entered into a deferred payment agreement with us.

Alternatively, the top-up can be paid by someone else (third party) from their own income or savings.

Whoever is paying the top-up must be willing and able to meet the cost for the likely duration of your stay in the care home, being aware that this may be for some time.

We will provide you or the third party with information and advice to ensure you or they understand the terms and conditions of entering into a top-up agreement and the potential costs that may be incurred.

Agreeing the top-up

Before entering into a top-up arrangement we need to be satisfied that the payment is affordable and sustainable. If we are not satisfied, you won’t be able to move into the home of your choice and we will talk to you about finding accommodation at a cost affordable in your personal budget.

If we are satisfied and you wish to proceed you, or the third party, will have to enter into a written agreement with us to guarantee the top-up payment for your chosen accommodation. The top-up agreement is a legally binding document with full terms and conditions.

It includes:

  • the weekly top-up payment required
  • a projection of potential costs you or the third party may incur
    when we will review the agreement
  • what would happen if you or the third party have a change in financial circumstances or could no longer afford to pay the top-up
  • what would happen if the cost of your accommodation changes

Once the agreement is in place we will monitor the top-up payments. If the payment is not made, we will contact you to discuss further action, which may include:

  • seeking to recover unpaid amounts
  • making alternative arrangements for your accommodation

Where can I get more information?

You can read our top-up payments policy.

Have a look at the top-up arrangement letter and top-up agreement.

You can also contact the Client Financial Services Team for information.

Write to:
Client Financial Services, Devon County Council
Room 180
County Hall
Topsham Road

Phone: 01392 384391

You may want to print this information off so you can refer to it whenever you need to.

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