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Finding help, information and support

  1. Self-help form

Are you having challenges or problems living safely and well at home?

Use our self-help tool to answer 14 questions or statements about your current situation, and find out about equipment, services and support to help you live independently.

Don’t worry – we don’t need your name or address at this point. This is just to generate information for you.

Watch a short video that explains more about what the self-help tool is and what it can do for you.

Our self-help tool is for adults 18 and over living in Devon.

If you are under 18 visit our education and families website to find support for children and young people.

If you care for another adult, find out about an assessment for yourself by phoning Devon Carers on 03456 434 435 or visiting the Devon Carers website for information and advice.

If you live outside of the Devon County Council area visit your local authority website for information about services where you live. If you’re not sure which council you come under you can use the Find my council tool to find out.