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It's safe to talk about suicide

What to do next

If someone tells you they’re feeling suicidal:

  • make sure they’re not left alone
  • remove anything they could use to take their own life
  • get medical help immediately

Getting medical help:

  • phone your GP surgery – outside normal surgery hours, you’ll be directed to an out-of-hours service
  • call 999 or take them to A and E and stay with them until they are seen by a member of the mental health team

Even if it’s only a hunch, share your concerns with others:

  • don’t be afraid to involve their family, friends or colleagues
  • share this leaflet with others and plan together how you are going to keep the person safe

Take care of yourself:

  • talk to your GP about your feelings
  • confide in a trusted friend
  • find a support group for carers of people with mental health problems