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Suicide prevention in Devon

Suicide prevention is everyone’s business – it is a key priority in Devon along with the promotion of good mental wellbeing.

Suicide can have a devastating impact on families, friends, neighbours, colleagues and whole communities. Every life lost to suicide is a tragedy.

If you or someone you know is feeling like they can’t cope there are organisations you can contact for 24/7 support:

How we work

The Devon County Council Suicide Prevention Strategic Implementation Group brings together different partners across the public, voluntary and community sectors.

This group is coordinated by Public Health Devon to agree on the priority areas for suicide prevention and develop an annual action plan. This will align with the priorities identified in the national suicide prevention strategy for England, with increased focus on locally identified needs.

Priorities in Devon

For 2023/24 the key priority areas for Devon are:

Prevention of suicide in Public Places – working with partners to identify and take action in relation to potential high-frequency locations.

Suicide and self-harm in children and young people – we will continue to understand the impacts on the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people, raising awareness of identified risk factors.

At-risk groups – targeted approaches for at-risk groups in response to identified local or national needs which in Devon may include:

  • men of all ages
  • the unemployed
  • inclusion health groups

Exploring the links between suicide and domestic abuse – we will work to better understand local needs and identify opportunities for local action, and learn from existing good practice nationally.

As well as the key priority areas the strategic group will contribute to wider system work, identifying opportunities to target suicide prevention activity as needed in relation to:

  • financial wellbeing and debt
  • loneliness and isolation

People with lived experience of suicidality or bereavement from suicide have an important role to play and we will engage with lived experience groups and forums that relate to the agreed suicide prevention priority areas.

Read the full 2023/24 DCC Suicide Prevention Statement and Action Plan

For queries about the DCC Suicide Prevention Strategic Implementation Group or the annual action plan please email

Help and support

Samaritans – 24/7 confidential support by phone, email, online chat, and self-help guides.

Papyrus – suicide prevention advice and support by phone, email or text for young people or those supporting young people.

Letter of Hope – resources to provide hope and encouragement to people who are facing difficult times.

Pete’s Dragons – specialist suicide bereavement support service for adults and children.

Help is at Hand – resource booklet for anyone bereaved by suicide.

First Hand – resource booklet for anyone affected by the suicide of someone they didn’t know (for example, bystander, first responders).

Every Mind Matters – free NHS resources to help improve your mental wellbeing.

Connecting people to their community and promoting social action.

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