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Exeter residents’ parking

2020 Informal Consultations

Devon County Council is undertaking consultations across various areas of Exeter to understand residents’ views on the introduction of residents parking restrictions in these areas.

This consultation is in response to requests from residents of these areas and reports that they are experiencing difficulties with the current on-street parking that is taking place. They were discussed at the Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders Committee in April 2019.

The intention of a residents parking scheme is to ensure that residents have priority over parking within their area, while also ensuring that local needs are considered, for instance, that local businesses and other employment hubs are not unfairly disadvantaged.

The consultation started on the 3 February 2020 and closed on 24 February 2020.


Plans of the areas being consulted are linked below:

Residents living in these areas will receive information about the consultation by post.

Please note the boundaries defined in this consultation may not be the final parking boundaries that are implemented.

Some more information about residents’ parking schemes can be found in the consultation handout document.

Next steps

Following the consultation, all responses from the public are being summarised. There has been a delay due to the available staff resource due to the pandemic but it is currently planned that the results will be reported to the Exeter Highway and Traffic Orders Committee on 18 January 2021 for a decision as to whether the scheme is brought forward to the next consultation stage.