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Mental health

Find mental health support

If you are worried about your mental health, it’s important to get help and support as soon as possible.

Your GP
Book an appointment with your doctor. They can help to diagnose an illness, prescribe medication if suitable and refer you to the right local mental health service.

TALKWORKS (formerly Depression and Anxiety Service)
This NHS service supports people aged 18 and over who need help coping with stress, anxiety and depression. They offer a range of different treatments and therapies. You can be referred through your GP or register yourself online and someone will contact you to arrange an appointment.

You can also do the Mood Quiz to see if you are experiencing depression and anxiety and if you would benefit from the service.

Seeking help for a mental health problem
Mind have a produced a step-by-step guide to getting help, including what may happen and what you can do.

Looking after yourself and staying well
The NHS and Mind have useful information to help you look after yourself and improve and maintain your mental health.