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Independent living

Teenagers and transition to adult services

Transition is an on-going process which takes place across the final years of school and into the early years of adult life.

This might be:

  • work
  • further education
  • vocational training
  • life skills work
  • independent living
  • social opportunities.

Planning for transition should include education, employment, housing and support needs, community and leisure activities and health needs. The transition process is one that all young people go through, but it can be especially difficult for young people with special needs.

The purpose of this planning is to make sure your child has continuity in their care, and access to all the information and opportunities they are entitled to, or want, at a time that is meaningful to them.

It should take account of the personal goals and aspirations of your child. Your child and you as their family or carers should be at the centre of planning for the future.

The main things to remember about transition are that:

  • there are people to help you through the process, and a protocol to make sure that those people are working together with you and your child to help plan for the future.
  • transition does not happen on your child’s 16th or 18th birthday – it is a long process with plenty of time for you to find out everything you need and get the support that you want.

Who can I talk to?

You may like to discuss some of the things that you find at your child’s Transition Review in Year 9, and in later reviews. You can also talk to your child’s Careers South West personal adviser and their social care contact.

You can find more detailed information about transition, and services and support for children and young people with additional needs on the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities website.

Transition Information Packs

These packs will help you to think about different issues and options. The packs will provide you with enough detail to begin thinking about the issues involved, and will point you in the direction of other people who can help. The Transition Information Packs are given to families of children who have a Statement of Educational Need when they are in year 9.

Other support

Devon Information Advice and Support for SEND (DIAS) is a free, confidential and impartial service which supports families of children with additional educational needs. They can explain what happens at the transition annual review in Year 9 and at other annual reviews. They can advise you about who is likely to attend the review, accompany you to the review meetings if needed, support you in your contribution to your child’s transition plan and signpost you to other organisations you may find helpful.

Parent Carer Forum Devon is a group of parents and carers who want to improve services for children with special needs. They meet regularly around the county to talk about relevant issues.

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