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Independent living

Sheltered housing and housing associations

Any social housing schemes will need to be applied for through the Devon Home Choice scheme.

There may also be private options available in your area. Your district council will be able to provide more information about the sheltered housing and housing associations in your area and how to apply.  

Sheltered housing 

Sheltered housing may suit you if you are an older person wanting to live independently, but with security and the opportunity to socialise and get involved with leisure activities when you choose. 

The accommodation is generally self-contained flats or bungalows. There is usually a call system in case you get into difficulties and a warden who calls or sometimes lives on the premises. 

Some properties can be purchased so you still own your own property but have the additional reassurance of support and company.

Housing associations 

Housing associations offer non-profit making social housing. They can be large national providers or small local providers of accommodation. Some develop schemes specifically for certain groups of people, such as people with a learning disability or older people. Examples of some of the charity schemes include Almshouses and Abbeyfield.

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