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Report a problem

Large 40mm vertical-edge hole that is also greater than 300mm wide
Standing water, blocked drain, flooded property, impassable road
Faulty street light, zebra crossing, bollard, lit sign
Pedestrians forced into road, cars over central line, reduced visibility
Trees that have fallen into the road or are leaning, unstable, diseased or dying.
Hole or significant difference in level on pavement or cycleway
Broken, missing or rocking manhole cover
Request enforcement in residents’ parking and on-street parking zones
For example blocked access or broken stiles
Thick mud, soil, stones, embankment slips, large branches, fallen trees
Ice or snow on the road
White and yellow, stop or give way lines or warning signs
Structural damage or significant obstructions restricting water flow
Damage or fault to traffic lights or signals or school crossing patrol light
Damaged or missing roadside fences or barriers
Empty bin, damaged bin or a bin with contents that are unuseable

If the problem you wish to report is not listed above please use our live chat facility. Alternatively, take a look at our help and support page where we've brought together the answers to our most commonly asked questions.

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