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How to report a pothole or road defect in Devon

Each report we receive is assessed on the ground, by a trained Highway Safety Inspector. Before logging a report of a pothole we would please ask you to familiarise yourself with the criteria and note that deliberately logging defects that do not meet this criteria will not result in a repair and may serve to divert resource away from defects on the network that do represent a risk to our highway users.

Please also note that adding additional reports, where they already exist, will not result in faster action. In these cases please consider adding yourself to the existing report to receive updates. Our teams continue to work hard to assess pothole reports across the County.

Please take note of the following guidance before you report a pothole.

We will not ignore any reports, however, we do have to prioritise our funding on safety and we cannot afford to fix all of the problems that are reported to us.

We will repair potholes that have a 40 mm (4 cm) vertical edge and are 300 mm (30 cm) wide.

2 twenty pence coins demonstrating a height of 40mm and a ruler demonstrating a width of 300 millimetres

Please see the images below which illustrate a pothole with a vertical edge:

A diagram illustrating when a pothole will be classed as an actionable defect.
A diagram illustrating when a pothole will not be classed as an actionable defect.

Please provide as much detail as possible with regard to the size of the problem.  This will help us to carry out the right assessment.

Before you start

If you are reporting an emergency that is very likely to present an imminent threat to life or serious injury or serious damage to property please instead call us on 0345 155 1004.