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Maintaining roads

Trip hazards

Report a trip hazard

A 20p piece with extra information showing that it is about 20mm high

Not all trip hazards that are reported to us meet the criteria required to instigate repair. We will not ignore any reports, however, we must prioritise our funding on safety as we cannot afford to fix all of the problems that are reported to us.

We will repair trip hazards where there is a vertical deviation of more than 20 mm from the adjacent surrounding area.

Trip hazards include:

  • uneven or broken flags, blocks or paving stones
  • dislodged or damaged kerbs, channels or edgings
  • damaged steps

Before you start

If you are reporting an emergency that is very likely to present an imminent threat to life or serious injury or serious damage to property please instead call us on 0345 155 1004.

If the trip hazard has already been reported on our map, please use the option to ‘Add me to this trip hazard’ instead of creating a duplicate report.