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Report ice

Devon County Council maintains nearly 13,000 km of roads in the county. During a winter emergency, it is not practicable or cost-effective for the whole network to be pre-treated or cleared immediately.

Criteria have been developed enabling the primary salting network to be defined. This ensures a consistent approach across the county and achieves a reasonable balance between cost and level of service.

Our primary salting network covers around 20% of the total road length but gives direct or close access to 80% of the population.

With this in mind, we will only action reports of ice that are on the primary or secondary salting networks. These roads are highlighted on the map by red and blue lines.

During icy periods it is expected that roads may be icy, even those that are treated.

Before you start

If you are reporting an emergency that is very likely to present an imminent threat to life or serious injury or serious damage to property please instead call us on 0345 155 1004.

When you are using the map, if you can see that the ice you plan to report is already there, please use the option to add yourself to the existing problem instead of creating a duplicate report.