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Did you know that most issues can be resolved online? It’s the quickest and most convenient way to get help.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we recommend using our live chat facility first but if you’d still rather get in touch, please complete our online contact form.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I find out why a pothole I reported has not been repaired?

    If you supplied your email address you will receive an email explaining what action has been taken with your report.

    If you did not supply your email address but have the reference number, please use our tracker service or use our live chat facility.

    If you did not leave your email address or do not have your reference number you can receive an update using our live chat facility or using our contact us form.

    How do I find out what the criteria is for fixing a pothole?
    How do I report a faulty streetlight?
    How do I find out who is responsible for the maintenance of a road?

    Please visit our open data page.

    How do I tell you about a problem on the highway?

    The following issues can be reported on our report a problem page:

    • potholes
    • flooding, blocked drains and standing water
    • street lights, lit signs and lit bollards
    • overgrown vegetation
    • hazardous or fallen trees
    • trip hazards
    • broken manhole covers
    • requests for parking enforcement
    • issues on public rights of way (PROW)
    • damaged or fault traffic lights
    • damaged or missing roadside barriers and fences
    • empty or damaged grit bins
    • debris or obstructions on the highway
    • ice or snow on the road
    • defective white, yellow or stop and give way road markings or defective warning signs.

    Please check it meets our defect criteria before reporting. If the problem is not detailed above, please use our live chat facility or contact our customer service centre.

    How do I know which council to contact – is it district or county?

    If you wish to raise a complaint regarding highway service issues please see more information on our complaints page.

    Complaints in relation to parking tickets are managed by the appeals process which is available here.


    How do I make you aware of an emergency on the highway?

    An emergency should be reported by calling us on 0345 155 1004.

    An emergency on the highway is defined as something that is very likely to present an imminent threat to life or serious injury or serious damage to property.

    How do I advise you if a hedge is not my responsibility?

    Please contact us via our live chat facility or by submitting a contact form. If you have a reference number please have this to hand.

  • How do I find out about current or planned roadworks in Devon?

    Roadworks in Devon that are happening now as well as those happening in the future can be found on

    We also publish more detailed information on our roadworks page about certain roadworks that have the potential to cause significant disruption.

    You can check for planned highway maintenance work on our interactive map. Please be aware that these plans can be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

    How do I tell you about incorrect or missing roadworks signs?

    Please contact us via our live chat facility or online form.

    How do I tell you about a concern with a diversion route?

    Please contact us via our live chat facility or online form.

    How do I access my property during roadworks?

    Access will be maintained for residents, however delays may be experienced due to health and safety considerations of both residents and the workforce.

  • Do I need permission to work on the highway?

    Yes, you do. You may need to apply for a licence depending on what work you want to carry out. Please see our make a request page for more details.

    How do I apply to close a road?

    You will need to apply for a temporary traffic restriction.

  • How do I report a concern about pavement parking?

    Please use the online form on our pavement parking webpage.

    How do I appeal a parking ticket?

    Information about the appeal process and how to challenge your ticket can be found on our parking tickets page.

    How do I report cars that are parking outside my house without a residents’ permit?

    Please use the online form on our Report a parking problem page.

    How do I report that someone is parking in my disabled bay?

    Only formal bays (a bay where there is a restriction plate showing the blue disabled symbol mounted next to it) can be enforced by civil enforcement officers. Disabled bays are not for individual use and any blue badge holder can use them.  Please be aware that we do not offer a call-out service in response to any reports.

    No action can be taken if the disabled bay is advisory. More information is available here.

    How do I report illegal parking where I live?

    You can use our online form to report a parking problem.

    Please note that only problems with on-street parking restrictions should be reported using this form.

    Why is my address not offering my any permits?

    If you have just moved into a property or are about to and find that you are not being offered residents permits, the most common reasons for this are:

    • the former occupants have not informed us to cancel their permits,
    • the address is not eligible,
    • if it is a house of multiple occupancy, other current tenants have taken up the permit allocation already.

    Any permit previously issued will be cancelled when evidence of the new tenancy (or property purchase) is provided. Applicants are requested to provide legible scanned or photographed copies of documents confirming purchase via email to

    Upon receipt this will be checked by us, and any permit held by a previous tenant cancelled. We will email you back to confirm the allocations have been updated/released and permits are available to buy.

    Whenever you’re thinking of moving into a house in a residents’ scheme area don’t assume that you will be able to have a parking permit, especially if the property is a flat, bed sit or studio in an older property that has been divided up or in a new build.

    Planning conditions may apply that exclude the property. Speak to the existing resident or email to check, before you commit to a purchase or tenancy agreement.

    What happens if I change my vehicle?

    We can only action requests for changes from the person named as the permit holder on our database, but if you change your vehicle at any time, please email with details of the active permit number, permit holders name and address, current registration number, and the new registration number.

    Please also include a photo of your current permit, showing that the permit has been cut into 4 pieces. A replacement permit can be provided at no extra cost. Requests received by email are usually actioned and posted on the day received.

    Requests received outside our normal office hours will be processed on the next working day.

    What happens if I lose or damage my permit?

    If your permit has faded or become damaged by condensation, we will replace that permit free of charge. If you lose your permit a replacement can be bought but we will charge you the full permit cost to replace it. The new permit will be valid for a full year from the date of issue.

    Please email with your name, address and permit details to request a replacement permit or report your permit lost so that we can update your address permit allocations.

    What happens if I want my permit(s) to be sent to a different address to the one I bought it for?

    We are not able to send any permits to a differing address, they must go to the named person at the address for which it was bought. This ensures a permit or book of permits is not used by a non-resident of that zone.

    What do I need to do with my permit, I am moving to a new address?

    If you move address you should email with your moving date with an attached photo of your permit cut into 4 pieces, or return your permit by post to Parking Services – Permits, Devon County Council, PO BOX 811, Exeter, EX1 9WA.

    We will then mark that permit as cancelled so the new occupiers can have access to buying a permit for the address.

    What happens if I need a temporary permit while my vehicle is being repaired?

    If your vehicle is off the road after an accident or being repaired and that work is likely to take more than 2 days to resolve, we can issue a temporary permit by email that can be printed by you and displayed in your vehicle. Visitor permits should be used for short-term changes of less than 2 days.

    Temporary permits can be used for up to 7 days from the date of issue. Should repairs or insurance claim be likely to take longer than 14 days, we can reassign your courtesy car details to your main permit and change it back when your car is returned.

    You cannot have a temporary permit for a courtesy car if your own car is still parked on the road in your zone, pending removal, repair or settlement of an insurance claim. We are unable to exceed the allocated number of permits per address.

    Please email with details of the permit number, permit holders name and address, current registration number, the temporary registration number and the reason why it is needed, for example, breakdown or accident.

    We can only action requests for changes from the person named as the permit holder on our database.

    What happens when there are roadworks or closures in my road?

    When it is necessary to close residential streets or temporarily suspend parking, it is the responsibility of the residents to find alternative parking.

    While not as convenient, permit holders can use any other road in their permit zone to park until work is completed.

    Use our Traffweb map to:

    • view traffic restrictions
    • find resident permit bays or pay and display parking.

    We are not responsible for any additional costs arising from a permit holder choosing to use a space or car park where parking charges apply.

    Can I transfer my remaining permit time to my new address?

    No. Permits are not transferable and cannot be taken with you to a new address even if staying in the same zone. Permits are specific to that property’s address and to a vehicle registered at that address with the DVLA. You can’t have more than one active permit at any time.

    Can I transfer my permit to another person living in the property?

    No. If the permit holder no longer needs it, that permit should be returned or a photo emailed to parking services showing it into 4 pieces. It will be cancelled and then another resident in the house can buy a new permit

    Can I leave my unused visitor permits for the new owner/tenant or do I return them to DCC?

    Ideally return them to DCC or destroy them, but if they are left it may assist the new resident to avoid PCN’s whilst their new permits are bought and posted. Any unused permits MUST NOT be sold on.

    Can my address have more than 2 permits?

    No. The only exception to the permit limit is when we introduce a new zone, and a household has more than two cars registered and in use e.g. 3 or 4 at their address. We will allow each car registered at the address to buy a permit. This is known as a Grandfather right.

    Once established after 6 months of the start date of a scheme, that number of permits cannot be increased further. To maintain the 3 or 4 total those permits must be renewed every year. Any permit not renewed will see the property allowance decreased by the number not renewed. If address is sold or new tenants take over the house the allocation drops back to the standard 2 permits.

    Can I have two different permit zones for my car?

    No. You can’t have more than one active permit at any time. A permit can only be issued for the address that the vehicle’s registered keeper has provided to the DVLA.

  • How do I report a faulty streetlight?
    How do I request that streetlight timings are adjusted?

    Any requests to adjust timings can be made by complaint our online contact form.

    Why is it taking so long to fix a light in my street?

    Most faults are repaired within 10 working days. Electrical faults can take up to 12 weeks to repair, especially if the light is on a main road as traffic management will need to be arranged.

    If this still does not answer your question, please use our live chat facility or submit an online form,

  • How do I find out about bus services when it is snowing?

    Please contact the bus service provider directly.

    How do I find out about becoming a snow warden in my community?

    Visit our communities website and find out how to get involved.

    What roads do you grit?

    Please see our Winter FAQs

  • How do I become trained to fix potholes in my community?

    There are lots of opportunities to get involved with highways self-help schemes. Find out more by visiting our self-help and community support page.

    How do I find out about carrying out local minor highway works in my community?

    Find out more about the opportunities available by visiting our self-help and community support page.

    How do I find out about becoming a snow warden in my community?

    Visit our communities website and find out how to get involved.

  • Please see Highways insurance claims for information about how to make a claim.