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Temporary traffic restrictions

A temporary traffic regulation order (TTRO) or temporary traffic regulation notice (TTRN) is a legal process which must be used to introduce any temporary restrictions such as a temporary road closure, suspending a one way street or suspending parking.

Road closures are considered to be a last resort; we will only grant a TTRO or TTRN following a completed application and with sufficient justification.

To apply for a TTRO or TTRN you must:

  • give us three months’ notice to process the application
  • provide a start date and a duration
  • be covered by public liability insurance with a minimum cover of £5 million
  • provide a proposed diversion route
  • show that you have consulted local stakeholders such as residents and business owners

You do not need to apply for a TTRO/N if you only require traffic management such as temporary traffic lights, give and take or stop/go. However, you will need to apply for a Section 171 licence.

Apply for a temporary traffic restriction >

Please note that the application process is different if you want to request a temporary traffic restriction for a special event.

If something has happened which may cause a danger to people or property on or adjacent to the public highway and the road needs to be closed please phone 0345 155 1008 immediately.