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In light of the recent Coronavirus outbreak, our Highways teams are prioritising our work to continue to deliver essential safety repairs on Devon’s roads whilst also supporting the wider business to concentrate on critical areas of work.

The inspection and repair of potholes is essential to ensure that our roads and footways are kept safe for our fellow key workers, the emergency services and essential deliveries. Please be kind and supportive of our Highway Officers if you see them carrying out these duties and maintain social distancing in line with government guidance.

Not all potholes that are reported to us meet the criteria required to instigate repair.

We will not ignore any reports, however, we do have to prioritise our funding on safety and we cannot afford to fix all of the problems that are reported to us.

We will only repair potholes that are deeper than 40mm, wider than 300mm and have a vertical edge.

Please see the images below which illustrate a pothole with a vertical edge:

A diagram illustrating when a pothole will be classed as an actionable defect.

A diagram illustrating when a pothole will not be classed as an actionable defect.

Overestimating the size of a pothole does not mean that it will be fixed but it does mean that we could end up being charged for a wasted call out. The impact of misreported potholes could ultimately lead to further reductions in the service we are able to provide.

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