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Reporting problems


  • How do I report a pothole?
  • How are potholes found?

    As outlined in DCC’s Highway Safety Policy, we have a thorough inspection system in place. We inspect all the roads, footways, and cycle paths under our jurisdiction with frequencies ranging from monthly to every three years, based on their maintenance category. Additionally, we assess all pothole reports submitted by the public through our website or other channels. These reports are assessed on-site by a dedicated inspection team according to the criteria set in our Highway Safety Policy, within specified timeframes. 

  • Who repairs the potholes?

    DCC are currently in a Term Maintenance Contract with Milestone Infrastructure Ltd. You’re able to read more about the work Milestone carry out for us on our website. During periods of high demand, Milestone may call upon their supply chain sub-contractors to assist with pothole repairs.  

  • How do you repair potholes?

    Inspectors and officers have various options for specifying the right repair of potholes, from small teams fixing individual potholes on rural roads to larger crews fixing larger areas, especially where there are clusters of potholes. Repairs on busy roads may require additional traffic management i.e. stop/go boards, for the safety of road users and operatives alike. All repair methods and materials meet established national standards and certification schemes like HAPAS (Highway Authorities Product Approval Scheme), which evaluates the performance and suitability of highway products and systems in the UK. 

  • How do you make sure potholes are being repaired adequately?

    Every operative has been provided with extensive training to ensure they are skilled and equipped to deliver effective repairsIn addition, the operatives are formally briefed about DCC’s specification for pothole repairs. Repair quality is maintained through regular audits, where officers will randomly inspect completed potholes throughout the year. If repairs don’t meet agreed standards, they are re-done by our contractor at no extra cost. We also carefully monitor trends and inform our contractors when further investigation is required. Performance Improvement Teams (PITs) bring DCC and Milestone Infrastructure Ltd together to address any concerns formally. Additionally, we follow up on reports of poor-quality repairs from the public, Councillors and other officers. 

  • I reported a pothole to you, why hasn’t it been repaired?

    All pothole reports DCC receive are subject to a triage inspection on the ground. Those that meet criteria set out in our Highway Safety Policy will be risk-assessed to determine a suitable response time and a repair arranged. Where potholes do not meet safety criteria, are duplicates of existing reports, or are on land DCC are not responsible for, these will be closed as no further action, and you should receive a response advising of this. We will proactively repair potholes that don’t meet safety criteria when resource allows as we recognise the efficiencies associated with this. However, this may not always be possible for roads where a larger scheme is required, or during exceptionally busy periods, when efforts must be focussed on those potholes that are a safety concern. 

  • Why do you repair some potholes but leave others that are nearby?

    During exceptionally busy periods DCC must prioritise potholes that represent greatest risk to users of the highway and that meet criteria set out in our Highway Safety Policy. However, when resource permits our inspection teams will proactively identify and capture nearby non-safety or ‘serviceability’ pothole defects for repair as we fully recognise the efficiencies associated with repairing these whilst we have a gang on site.  

  • If I report the same pothole multiple times, will it get repaired more quickly?

    Deliberately reporting the same pothole multiple times will not result in a faster repair but may ultimately draw our inspector resource away from those defects that represent the greatest level of risk to highway users. A significant number of all the pothole reports we receive turn out to be duplicates. You’re able to assist by checking to see if a report already exists and adding your details to it for updates.

  • Why might we experience more potholes during the winter months?

    During particularly cold periods some roads become susceptible to the ‘freeze-thaw’ process. This occurs when water finds its way into the road through cracks and gaps, it freezes and expands and causes the material to break away from the surrounding structure. This process repeated, coupled with vehicles passing over the top eventually can lead to the formation of potholes. In addition, the presence of water during particularly prolonged wet spells can also lead to additional potholes. 

  • What steps do you take when dealing with high numbers of potholes?

    Devon County Council work extremely hard to address the increase in pothole numbers across our roads and to ensure the safety of those who rely on the network. This may include re-prioritising other work to mobilise additional repair gangs. Additionally, inspectors and repair gangs will often work extended hours, including at weekends. We also carefully consider how to use any funding DCC has received to prioritise increased patching and improve maintenance and drainage programs. More information on this can be found on our website.

  • What are Devon County Council’s legal duties with regards to repairing potholes?

    Devon County Council (DCC) has a legal obligation under Section 41 of the Highways Act 1980 to maintain our extensive highway network. Details on how we fulfil this duty are outlined in our Highway Safety Policy. This policy includes procedures for formal safety inspections, which vary in frequency depending on the maintenance category of the highway, and the criteria for investigating defects that could pose safety risks. These criteria align with those used by many other authorities nationwide and are part of our risk-based approach.  

  • What are you doing with regards to innovation and driving value for money?

    The service prioritises innovation and cost-effectiveness. This sees engagement and ongoing collaboration with various groups and national research bodies to explore new materials, technologies, and methods for efficiency. This includes through a dedicated internal ‘Technical Appraisal Panel’ that evaluates emerging concepts in highway maintenance. Our focus is on sustainability and value for money. For instance, we are currently trialling a repair system called ‘Elastomac‘, a mastic asphalt product made from 70%-80% recycled materials, which can be applied without excavation, reducing waste. Our term maintenance contract with Milestone Infrastructure Ltd includes provisions to promote innovation, with joint ambitions around innovation and value for money. 

  • How do I make a claim in relation to a pothole?

    Information on how to make a claim can be found on our website.



  • How do I appeal a parking ticket?

    Information about the appeal process and how to challenge your ticket can be found on our parking tickets page.

    If you have no means to submit a written challenge either by post or online due to disability or learning difficulties, we may under those circumstances be able to accept a dictated appeal.

    Call 0345 155 1004, ignore option 1, stay on the line to speak with a customer service advisor and tell them what you want to tell us about why we should cancel your fine.

    That will be submitted to an appeals team case officer and the decision will be sent to you by letter.

  • How do I report a concern about pavement parking?

    Please use the online form on our pavement parking webpage.

  • How do I report illegal parking where I live?

    You can use our online form to report a parking problem.

    Please note that only problems with on-street parking restrictions should be reported using this form.

  • How do I report cars that are parking outside my house without a residents’ permit?

    Please use the online form on our Report a parking problem page.

  • How do I report that someone is parking in my disabled bay?

    Only formal bays (a bay where there is a restriction plate showing the blue disabled symbol mounted next to it) can be enforced by civil enforcement officers. Disabled bays are not for individual use and any blue badge holder can use them.  Please be aware that we do not offer a call-out service in response to any reports.

    No action can be taken if the disabled bay is advisory. More information is available here.

  • Can my address have more than two car parking permits?

    No. The only exception to the permit limit is when we introduce a new zone, and a household has more than two cars registered and in use e.g. 3 or 4 at their address. We will allow each car registered at the address to buy a permit provided that is done within the first 6 months of the zone starting.  This is known as a Grandfather right.

    You can have additional parking permits if you have a motorcycle or scooter which is parked in resident parking permit spaces, provided they are registered at your address.

    To maintain the grandfather right to more than 2 permits for cars, all must be renewed every year.  If any of the grandfather right extra permits is not renewed in any subsequent year, that permit right is lost reducing the property allowance by the number not renewed. If address is sold or new tenants take over the house the allocation drops back to the standard 2 permits.

  • Can I have two different permit zones for my car?

    No. You can’t have more than one active permit at any time and you cannot have more than one active MiPermit Devon account. The vehicle should be registered with DVLA at the permit account’s address.

  • Why can’t I buy another permit for my address?

    If you have already bought the 1st permit for your address, or another person in the property has bought the 1st permit for the address on a separate account, an error message in red will appear under the field where you enter your registration number advising the ‘maximum allocation being met or restrictions in place on the property’.

    If you see this message go to the top of the page where it says permit type and use the drop-down to change from 1st Permit to second etc. If the error disappears your application can be submitted. IF it does not, email with a screenshot of your application to investigate and get back to you.

  • Why is my address not offering me any permits?

    Whenever you’re thinking of moving into a house in a residents’ scheme area don’t assume that you will be able to have a parking permit, especially if the property is a flat, bedsit or studio in an older property that has been divided up or very recently built.

    Planning conditions may apply that exclude the property. Speak to the existing resident or check our list of eligible addresses. If still in doubt, email before you commit to a purchase or tenancy agreement in residential permit controlled parking and want to use on street parking spaces.

    If you have just moved into a property or are about to and you are not being offered residents’ permits online, the most common reasons for this are: the former occupants have not cancelled their permits, the address is not eligible or not in a zone, or if it is a house of multiple occupancy, other current tenants have taken up the permit allocation already.

    New applicants are requested to provide legible scanned or photographed copies of documents confirming purchase or tenancy via email to Upon receipt this will be checked by us, and any permit held by a previous occupier cancelled.

    We will email you back to confirm the allocations have been updated or released and if permits are available to buy.

  • How do I update my permit details when I change my vehicle?

    Please note we can only accept requests to change details on a permit from the permit account holder, or named permit holder.

    If you have a digital permit and yours is the first permit of the allocation for the address, we can alter the vehicle registration number on your permit. Email us the new details with a supporting document showing you are the new keeper and confirming the registration number to be put on your permit. We’ll action that request as soon as we can after receiving it. Motorcycle and business permit holders we can alter any of the permits for you as the price paid is fixed regardless of whether permit one, two, or three.

    If you are not using the first resident permit you should use the manage digital permit option in your MiPermit account to cancel your current permit and buy a new one for the new car registration number. Unused full calendar months on the old permit will be auto-refunded to you. We’re sorry we cannot alter these for you as the price paid varies subject to emissions or engine size.  Customers with cherished number plates please email us for further details.

    Send your email to with details of the active permit number, permit holders name and address, current registration number and the new registration number.

    If you have a paper permit, please include a photo of the current permit, showing the permit cut into four quarters so we know it can no longer be used. A replacement permit will be provided for the remaining time on your permit at no charge. However, if you are unable to provide proof that the current permit cannot be used any more, we will have to cancel the permit and you will be required to pay the full charge for a new permit. A new permit will be valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

    Requests received by email are usually actioned and posted out within 24 hours of receipt. Requests received outside office hours will be actioned on the next working day.

    You are required to clearly display a valid parking permit or have a valid digital permit when using a permit only space during its times of operation. You may receive a Penalty Charge Notice if you do not. You will need to find alternative parking or use any visitor permits you may have whilst waiting for the delivery of your next permit.

  • What do I need to do with my permit if I’m moving to a new address?

    If you have a digital e-permit you should cancel that permit via your MiPermit account when you change address. Unused calendar months will be refunded to you. If moving into another zone, create a new account for the new address.

    If you have a valid paper permit and move address you should email with your moving date with an attached photo of your permit cut into four pieces, or return your permit by post to Parking Services – Permits, Devon County Council, PO BOX 811, Exeter, EX1 9WA.  Please note, pro rata refunds are not given for paper issued permits as per their terms and conditions.

  • Can I transfer my remaining permit time to my new address?

    No. Permits are specific to that property’s address and to the vehicle registered at that address with the DVLA. You can’t have more than one active permit at any time.  You should notify to cancel your paper permit.

    Digital permit holders can only have one active account for their address at a time. If you move, you need to cancel any current permits and once that has been done, close the account for the old address and open another for your new address.

  • Can I transfer my permit to another person living in the property?

    No. If the permit holder no longer needs it. Paper issued permits should be returned, or a photo emailed to parking services showing it into four pieces. It will be cancelled and then another resident in the house can buy a new permit. Digital permits should be cancelled by the holder via their MiPermit account for a pro rata refund and to release the allocation for use by another resident.

  • Do motorcycles need a permit to park in resident permit spaces?

    From 3rd January 2023, motorcycles/motor scooters that are parked in a resident permit bay will need to have a permit. Additional permits are available to residents who may have a mix of cars and motorcycles used by residents of their address. As permits can now be issued digitally, all vehicles that take up space in a resident parking bay or road need to have a permit to park.

    Those who visit you and arrive by motorcycle also need to have a visitor permit assigned to their motorcycle for the duration of their visit. Either from the allocation of digital visitor hours or by means of a scratchcard. The latter may be difficult to securely fasten.

    Motorcycles left in spaces under protective covers, may we remind you that you are legally obligated to ensure that the registration plate is not obscured from view.

  • What happens if I need a temporary permit while my vehicle is being repaired?

    Firstly, please note, we can only action requests for a temporary permit from the person named as the permit holder on our database, and holding a valid permit at time of request.

    If your permit has been issued on paper and your vehicle is being repaired we can issue a ‘virtual’ temporary permit for any vehicle you are using as a stopgap. Your own visitor permits should be used for short-term changes of less than two days or the vehicle parked in non-permit only parking spaces.  A virtual permit means that the replacement car’s details can be found on the enforcement officer’s devices showing that the car has a valid permit and the expiry date without the need for you to display a physical permit.

    If you have a virtual permit already we can update your permit account with the temporary car’s details. You would need to email us again when your car is returned to you for us to revert the permit back to the previous registration number.

    Temporary permits can be used for up to 14 days from the date of issue. Should repairs or an insurance claim be likely to take longer than 14 days, we may extend that initial permit for you, but would need to see some supporting documentation from the garage or your insurers confirming the extenuating circumstances and need for the permit to be extended.

    You cannot have a temporary permit for a courtesy car if your own car is still parked on the road in your zone, pending removal, repair or settlement of an insurance claim. We are unable to exceed the allocated number of permits per address. In most cases, but not all the allocation of permits allowed is two.

    Please email with details of your permit number, name and address, current registration number, the temporary registration number and the reason why it is needed, for example, breakdown or accident. If possible, please attach a photo of any agreement or hire confirmation showing your details and temporary car details as supporting evidence to your email request.

  • What happens when there are roadworks or closures in my road?

    When it is necessary to close residential streets or temporarily suspend parking, it is the responsibility of the residents to find alternative parking. While not as convenient, permit holders can use any other road in their permit zone to park until work is completed.

    Use our Devon Traffweb parking map to:

    • view traffic restrictions
    • find resident permit bays or pay and display parking

    We are not responsible for any additional costs arising from a permit holder choosing to use a space or car park where parking charges apply.

  • How will paper POOL permit use be affected by the change to digital permits?

    If you already have been given permission to use POOL permits issued on paper to your address, you will still be able to have a digital POOL permit that you can use in differing vehicles.

    If you’ve not heard from us before, when you receive  a reminder notice that your permit is coming up to its expiration date, please contact the mailbox and we will advise you of how we can set up your permit account for you to manage changes of registration numbers via your account.

    We’ll need proof of address and supporting document explaining why your vehicle usage varies, such as a letter from employer if they provide the vehicles you use

  • Can I buy or renew my permits and pay by phone?

    We’re unable to accept card payments for paper parking permits with customers on a telephone call any more as a result of enhanced security checks brought in by banks and credit cards companies during 2022 and data protection and security compliance regulations.  If we try and process payments on your behalf, the service providers will no longer authorise the payment to us.  Whilst we appreciate this is inconvenient for our customers, we’re required to work to the regulations which are designed to protect your personal information and your financial security.

    We can accept applications and payments by cheque or postal order sent to us by post. See How do I buy or renew my permit if I don’t have internet access, so cannot pay online or prefer to pay by cheque?

  • How do I buy or renew my permit if I don’t have internet access, so cannot pay online or prefer to pay by cheque?

    Please bear in mind that paying by post will delay the issuing of permits for your use. To avoid delays, consider asking a family member, trusted friend or neighbour or a care provider if you have one, if they may be willing to do it for you online. There is free internet access available to all in local libraries and a staff member may be willing to assist you.

    We still accept cheques and postal orders, but please check how much your permits will cost. The first permit for the address is £35, but additional permits will cost more based on emissions. Send your payment for the right amount made payable to Devon County Council, to Permit Services, Devon County Council, PO Box 811, Exeter, EX1 9WA.

    If your payment does not cover the full cost of your permit request, we will have to return your application documents and payment to you, delaying your order further. Overpaid requests will also be returned.

    If you are a new applicant, please enclose a short note with your name, address, postcode, phone number and the vehicle registration number of the vehicle the permit is for. If you need more than one permit or also wish to buy visitor permit books, please tell us what you need and ensure your cheque amount is enough to meet the cost of your order. You will need to provide a copy of one document in your name as proof of address, for example, Council Tax bill, tenancy, solicitor’s letter, and one for the vehicle registration number to go on the permit, for example, V5C or vehicle insurance document.

    If you wish to renew a current resident or business permit, please ensure that you contact us before your current permit expires. Return to us, your reminder letter, your proofs and your payment, and we will renew the permit for you. If any of the details on your reminder letter have changed in the previous period make sure you tell us what you would want to be altered.

    If renewing an essential visitor permit and you are a blue badge holder, please provide a copy of your badge or if unable to do so, tell us the badge number and its expiry date.

    Please tell us your email address if you have one and a contact number, in case we need to contact you with a query relating to your permit order.

    Remember, you must have a valid permit to park in any resident only space and failing to do so, may result in a parking fine.

  • What happens if I lose or damage my permit?

    If the loss was due to circumstances beyond your control, e.g. theft, car accident, the council may waive the cost of a replacement permit for the remaining period of time left on the original permit. We may ask you to provide supporting evidence to show it was not your fault.

    If the loss could have reasonably been prevented, e.g. you forgot to take it out when selling car,  take it off when replacing the windscreen, or not stuck to windscreen and blown out of window, eaten by the dog etc, then you do need to pay for a new permit  which will be valid for a full year from the date of issue.

    Please email with your name, address and permit number and tell us why you need a replacement permit or report it lost so we can allow you to buy a new one. In the case of a replacement being needed due theft or accident please provide supporting evidence of this, e.g. crime log number or insurance letter.

    You are required to clearly display a valid parking permit when using a permit only space during its times of operation. You may receive a Penalty Charge Notice if you do not. You will need to find alternative parking or use any visitor permits you may have whilst waiting for delivery of your next permit.

  • How do I cancel my parking permit?

    If you have a digital permit account with MiPermit, you can cancel your resident permit via the manage digital permit options in your account. Select the permit details and use the cancel permit red button to cancel that permit. A user guide is available on our permit web pages if you need further help.

    If you have bought some digital visitor permits and wanted to have visitor scratch card permits instead, please email to cancel those permit and trigger a refund to you of the amount paid. Customers can then buy a new book of permits via their account.

    Any unused digital visitor hours left on your account can also be cancelled and refunded upon request should you change address or no longer require these permits.

    If you are a paper permit holder we can cancel permits when we receive sight of the permit cut into quarters, attached to an email requesting cancellation. The request must come from the named permit holder for us action it. Permits cannot be transferred to new named holders, any paper permit cancelled is non-refundable if part used as is stated in our terms and conditions at time of purchase.

  • I have lost my parking ticket, how do I get my PCN number?

    Customers can call 0345 155 1004. Use the stay on the line option for other enquiries to speak with a customer advisor.
    They will be able to find the PCN reference number from the vehicle registration number, but they will not be able to provide advice or any other information.
    Alternatively email  with the registration number and date or place where you believe a fine was issued. We’ll email you any linked PCN number and links to our online forms to pay or appeal.


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Highways insurance claims

Please see our Highways insurance claims page for information about how to make a claim.