General 63: Credit Management Team Reminder

Hello everyone,

This is a reminder from the Credit Management Team.

  1. All Devon County Council schools should raise debtor invoices by the way of CT10/3s (greens).  No Devon County Council school should be raising their own invoices.  This is an Audit requirement.  When creating credit notes, please ensure that you quote the corresponding entity number in the body description and give the reason for credit.  Please ensure that you complete the rear in full and that you are an authorised signatory.  Try not to confuse the difference between credit and write off as these are different and require different documentation to clear.
  1. Please ensure when creating an entity / invoice that you note all the relevant information required for successful recovery i.e. full description in the body text (no abbreviations please), contact name and telephone number.  As more of our documentation is sent by email, please check that the debtor email address is correct / current.
  1. An up to date list of Debtors which require a purchase order number is available on request; this is something which is becoming essential for a lot of Companies.  Please check with the Company before the invoice is created to avoid unnecessary delays during the recovery process.
  1. We are encountering lengthy delays with the return of our “originators” form(s).  This is the form requesting a decision to either write off or pass to external debt recovery agents.  This decision needs to be made promptly to avoid cancellation under minimum standards and any delay could hamper recovery by debt collectors.
  1. We are encountering lengthy delays with disputes, some debts taking over a year to resolve.  If Credit Management feels that the originators are not resolving effectively then we reserve the right to clear the invoice by credit under minimum standards and your budget code will be debited.  Please also try to remember that unless we are directly informed of a dispute we are not going to be aware and our recovery process will continue.
  1. In the last couple of months we have received two complaint letters/emails highlighting the lack of communication between Devon County Council and the schools.  These debtors have been chased in various ways often unnecessarily as they have contacted the School previously.  Please ensure when contacted by a debtor that the Revenue team is informed immediately.
  1. If you receive payment from a debtor direct, please complete the relevant banking forms and note that it is to clear an invoice.  Please do not note it against a code.

Thank you for your time.

Credit Management Team

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