General 4: Potential Scam

It has been brought to our attention that a school in Devon was recently contacted by a bailiff acting for a company called “Studio Media Books for schools” who stated that the school owed £2,995. However, the debt had now grown to £5,000 due to fees and charges, but if the school made a payment of £2,995 direct by Chaps direct to Northampton County Court into their holding account the school could delay the proceedings for 28 days whilst the school could investigate. The school was given an 0845 number to call the County Court in Northampton and make the payment, but the school have confirmed that when they checked the number provided by the bailiff, the phone number turned out not to be the County Court contact details for Northampton. This raised suspicion’s by the school, plus the fact that they were not aware of the debt and the school have since contacted Action Fraud to report this scam.

Please note that Education & Learning Team have informed the payments department and audit of this scam.

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