Closedown 19/20: Accrual Workbooks are now available

The EOY Accruals workbook and PAY Accruals workbook are now available via the ‘Budgets’ page on the Education Finance Website.Link to the Budget Webpage When on the page, scroll down to ‘Year End Guidance’ and the documents will be shown.

Note: When you open the workbooks, it will default to Excel Online. Please click ‘File’ in the top right and ‘Save a copy to your computer’, you will then be able to open the spreadsheet in the full version of Excel.

EOY Accruals
A change to previous years as a workbook MUST now be received from every school, with ALL schools required to complete the checklist tab and other tabs reviewed and completed where applicable.

Pay Related Accruals
As last year, schools will need to complete accruals for Travel and Supply staff claims relating to March via the specific Pay Accruals workbook.

Please review the schedule of actual “X-backed” claims from 18/19 (on our webpage) in order to make an informed judgement to whether they could be used as the accrual for 2019/20. If you wish to submit your own values, please fill out the Pay Accruals workbook held on our webpage. Finally, if you do not have any Pay related accruals relating to March please let us know at

If we don’t receive any email to notify us of a nil-return, or a Pay Accruals workbook, we will assume you would like us to use the values provided in the X-back schedule.

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