Budget Preparation 7: SBS Calculator for 2018/19

On the 13th December 2017 Cabinet approved the school funding for 2018/19 and therefore the 2018/19 SBS calculator is now available from the School Finance website. If you have already started your budget preparation, please review your figures to the new calculator – to ensure the information is correct.

Please note, that the HCSS Budgeting Tool (FPS) has not yet been updated to reflect the figures for 2018/19, but HCSS are currently working on this. There will be a follow-up blog entry to confirm both when this is available (anticipated within the next few days), and any related guidance.

3 Responses to Budget Preparation 7: SBS Calculator for 2018/19

  1. education.finance says:

    Unfortunately, we have been informed by the Corporate Web Team that the calculator will open in read only in the browser and the user will then need to ‘Enable Editing’ before being able to download a copy of the SBS calculator.

    However, I have just been informed that a new version of the SBS calculator is going live very shortly as an error has been spotted in the ‘Prior Attainment’ calculations for 19/20, as the funding was not changing when pupil numbers were being amended.

  2. Jayne Dart-Cassidy says:

    Opens in Read Only version for Axminster Primary!

  3. Donna Weeks says:

    I can only open the SBS calculator in read only. I am not able to input our school number.

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