Budget Preparation 5: Financial Year 2018/19 Open

HCSS have now opened the new Financial Year for 2018/19. When you next log into HCSS Budgeting, it will default to the 2018/19 period – which will of course be empty. You are still able to access the 2017/18 Financial Year by selecting the old Financial Year from the drop-down box in the top right corner.

Any scenarios (working or locked) you wish to roll forward to the new year can be done by having the new year opened and selecting Upgrade Scenario and choosing from the list. There are some guidance notes from HCSS which we’ve slightly amended to fit our own schools’ needs.

Once a scenario has been upgraded to the new Financial Year, you will then be able to amend the pay scales to include the % increase that has been agreed locally. You can do this by entering the Pay Scale feature on the Scenario option and amending the appropriate scale within using the Options button on the right hand side. It is advisable you allow for a further 1% in the following years.

Regarding the School Budget Share Calculator’s availability, this will as per usual be at the end of January – using October 2017’s census data. These figures will be indicative until the DfE have provided confirmation – around the 28th February.

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