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Having a Carers assessment

A Carer’s assessment involves you thinking about:

  • the demands and impact of caring on you
  • the things you want to achieve that are important to you
  • how to protect your health and wellbeing.

A Carer’s assessment will always look at the best way to prevent, reduce or delay your needs arising as a result of your caring role. This could involve giving you information and advice, some one-to-one support or by providing a targeted service for Carers where there are specific risks to you, for example from stress or the physical demands of caring.

The assessment will also indicate whether you have needs which are eligible for personal-funded support.

If your assessment shows that you are not eligible for support from us we will still give you an action plan to help you prevent needs from developing.

How do you decide if I’m eligible?

The Health and Wellbeing Check is an assessment which looks at 10 outcome areas for Carers. These are:

  • health and looking after myself
  • safety, being safe and caring safely
  • at home
  • control over my everyday life
  • finance and education
  • support and care
  • personal goals and achievements
  • family and personal relationships
  • looking after others
  • making use of necessary facilities in the community.

The assessment will check whether the caring role has a significant impact on your wellbeing and how additional support can help you to achieve these outcomes areas listed above.

What if I don’t agree with the outcome of the assessment?

If you do not agree with the outcome of the assessment, we will discuss with you and record your views. Both you or your representative will always be informed of your right to feedback or make a complaint, if you remain unhappy with our assessment and decision.

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