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After a Carers assessment

Some people, find that having an assessment (Carers health and wellbeing check), helps them to prioritise their own needs and look after themselves better.

Support planning

If the assessment shows that you have needs which are eligible for support, we will work with you to develop a support plan, which:

  • is tailored to your needs
  • gives you as much choice and control as possible in how your needs are met

Everyone’s needs are different; support planning is a way of working with you to find the best ways to meet your particular needs. We will look at:

  • what needs you have
  • what you want to achieve
  • what you can do yourself
  • what support you already have
  • what types of care and support are available in your local area.

Support can be provided in a range of ways, for example:

  • providing information about services which could help you
  • finding ways to help you work, go into education or do more socially
  • having a direct payment to buy something to help make caring easier
  • arranging for you to have a break

It may be that the best way to meet your needs is to provide care and support directly to the person you care for. So by providing replacement care this will enable you to have a break.

Direct support services

These services may be available if you have specific issues which have been identified in your health and wellbeing check.

One to one help
More intensive one-to-one support from a Devon Carers worker to solve problems, develop a crisis management plan or plan in advance if you may need to go in to hospital in the future.

Crisis support
Usually crisis support is needed because there is a change in the condition of the person you care for, or you need replacement care for them because you have an emergency.

For a crisis involving the health of the person you care for:

  • If you have been given an emergency number by a specialist service which supports the person you care for, and the crisis relates to that need, call that number
  • Call 111 for urgent NHS health advice, or 999 for emergency service if you think an ambulance is required
  • If you are concerned that you may need urgent support in an emergency in the future, raise this at your health and wellbeing check or call the helpline 0345 643 4435

If you are in a crisis situation and you don’t have a plan in place which covers non-health related issues then please call Care Direct on 0345 155 1007.

Help to get specialist advice
We can refer you to other services that can give you the support you need, such as benefits advice, dementia support, end of life planning and bereavement support.

Help to care effectively
We can help you to access any specialist training you need to look after the person you care for effectively. We can also support you to be an expert partner in caring, along with the professional agencies working with the person you care for, while looking after yourself and staying well.

Carers support plan
If your Carers health and wellbeing check shows that you need personal support to help you care, we will develop a Carers’ support plan with you and if needed may give you a personal budget.

Services for the person you care for
Sometimes the best way to help you is by putting services in place for the person you care for. This could be replacement care if you are unwell or need a break. The person you care for usually needs to agree to this and it will be included as part of their care. We will discuss this with you in detail before anything is put in place. If there are specific difficulties, for example the person you care for does not have the capacity to consent, or does not understand your need for a break, we will discuss this with you too.

To get more information about any services for Carers and to speak to someone about have a Carers health and wellbeing check phone Devon Carers on 0345 643 4435 or visit

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