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Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)

Educational Psychology (EP) Service delivery

update: 24 January 2023

The educational psychology service traded service to schools is paused at the moment, so that we can focus on completing statutory work for children who may have SEND.

A limited amount of EP support commissioned for the most vulnerable children, such as those in care, will be delivered. Critical Incident Support for any setting will be provided as usual Critical incident pack for schools – Support for schools and settings (

What is happening so that schools and parents have better access to EP support in the future?

  1. Intensive work is underway to add further capacity through recruitment to the EPS.
  2. When we restart trading the EPS have a remodelled traded offer to schools and settings, which will be ready for schools and settings to purchase.  Here is a taster:

All new EP work for whole school situations, groups or individual children will start with the Psychology Works consultation package.

Psychology Works 4-part cycle depicting consultation package.Part 1: school preparation shared with EP Part 2: Psychology Works consultation Part 3: Intervention@ school/parent/EP Part 4: Psychology Works review
Psychology Works Consultation Package

The Psychology Works consultation package shifts EP time from carrying out lengthy psychological assessments for a small number of children.

Instead, the EPS will be leading Psychology Works consultations for more children and groups of children – finding the ready-to-go solutions that make an extraordinary difference.

We look forward to working in your school or setting again soon.

Many thanks for your understanding while we shift our priorities for a short while.

Best wishes, Dr Jane Williams, Principal Educational Psychologist

SEND support for Devon schools and settings currently available

SEND and inclusion support for schools is provided by a range of different services, working in different ways to respond to every school’s unique situation.

The SEND and inclusion specialist support services’ advice, teaching and support for children and young people with SEND can be accessed through our Request for SEND Support form.

Our SEND helpline is available every Tuesday afternoon (1-4 pm) during term time. It provides support, guidance, signposting and a listening ear for teaching staff, school leaders or governors and SENDCos across Devon. Tel: 01392 287248 or email

Please do ask us for support. We will be happy to work with you – perhaps to implement the ideas and evidence-based approaches selected below?

The Educational Psychology Service and SEND Support Service have collaborated to highlight the most relevant resources to support areas of need raised recently.

These are focused on support in schools. Many also have information that is useful for supporting children at home or learning more about a specific area of need, such as cognition and learning.

Highlighted SEND resources

Communication and interaction

Cognition and learning

Sensory and physical

Social, emotional and mental health

Understanding the link between language and social, emotional and mental health

Additional resources