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Initial welcome meeting with parents and guardians

When a new family arrives, ensure you book an interpreter (if needed) and provide a tour of the school. Allow time to prepare so that there is a smooth transition and a positive start to their new school life.

Suggested process

  1. Pupil/family arrives at school and requests school place or School Admissions Team contacts school about new arrival.
  2. School office staff obtain basic admissions information, if possible.
  3. School office arranges a date for the parent or carer to meet head or admissions staff or EAL coordinator for parent interview and tour of the school. Set a date for the pupil to start school, ensuring that this is after the parent interview date.
  4. School to familiarise themselves with the English as an additional language (EAL) guidance (March 2023)
  5. If necessary, arrange interpreting support for the meeting or interview  – complete a Bilingual support and interpreter booking form.
  6. Inform class teacher of pupil’s name and start date. Give class teacher the EMTAS induction checklist and EAL Proficiency Assessment Tool/Induction pack.
  7. Conduct parent interview on the agreed date, using the EMTAS induction interview checklist and register the new arrival with EMTAS.
  8. Take pupil and family on a tour of the school, explain uniform requirements, school meals, arrangements for trips, term dates, equipment and PE requirements. Give parents the opportunity to ask questions.
  9. Introduce pupil/family to class teacher. If convenient, introduce pupil to new classmates. Give parents a copy of weekly timetable (with visuals if possible).
  10. Pass pupil record information to class teacher or request bilingual support for induction (if needed).
  11. Pupil starts school.