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Job evaluation policy and guidance

Job evaluation was implemented across the authority as a result of the national single status agreement which required all local authorities to ensure they were providing equal pay for work of equal value and to ensure that pay and grading are fairly implemented.

Job evaluation is the method and practice of ordering jobs or positions with respect to their value or worth to the organisation.

Jobs are evaluated by trained, joint panels made up of management and trade union representatives.

Panels decide a level for each key feature, each of which equates to a number of points, the sum of which gives a total score for the job. The score indicates the overall size of the job and its relative position in the pay and grading structure.

Devon County Council uses the HAY job evaluation scheme for all Leadership grades and uses the GLPC (Greater London Provincial Council) scheme for all jobs graded A–T.

Both schemes are built around the completion of a scheme specific job description which will be created by both the jobholder and line manager. This process can be supported by Human Resources where requested.

Jobs are diverse in terms of their roles and responsibilities. As service areas, departments and teams change and evolve to meet the demands of changing regulations, business needs and budget requirements, then jobs within those affected teams could also be subject to change. Where a change occurs, jobs must be re-evaluated.

GLPC (for grades A-T)

HAY (for all leadership grades)

Job descriptions

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