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Administration and finance

Guidance on the declaration of business or pecuniary interests

To ensure high standards of probity and transparency all staff must declare any business or pecuniary interests. Officers must fill in the online form to declare their interests, before asking their line manager to fill in the review form.

The following documents were designed for printing purposes only, and with that in mind will not be fully accessible to someone using assistive technology such as a screen reader.

Information for school staff

School staff should note that they cannot use the online forms. Instead, you must download the PDFs, print them and complete them offline.

Completed declaration forms should then be held by the governing body for monitoring and safekeeping. Please note that forms are no longer held by the Director of Legal and Democratic Services.

New process

  1. As an officer declaring an interest, please fill in the relevant online form.
  2. Upon completion, save and forward a PDF copy to your line manager (you will be prompted to do so).
  3. As a line manager, please discuss the officer’s interest(s) with your head of service and fill in the relevant online form.
  4. Upon completion, save and forward a PDF copy to the head of service (you will be prompted to do so).


As a member of staff, you should familiarise yourself with this guidance and use the declaration form to record any business or pecuniary interests you may have.

Officers are reminded to declare all possible conflicts of interest, including with a partner, friend, or family member. For example, if they are paying invoices to a place where their partner works.

All business or pecuniary interests must be reported to an officer’s line manager by downloading a PDF version of your completed online form and forwarding it to them.

The line manager must then consider if any potential conflict of interest is created, discuss it with their head of service, and then fill in the relevant form.

Completed declaration forms from DCC staff will automatically be forwarded to the Director of Legal and Democratic Services via the submitted form. Teaching or school staff should send their completed declaration forms to their governing body.

If you are in any doubt please seek advice from management. For any issues with the process please contact