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Parking permits

All of our on-street parking permits for residents’ use, their visitors and trade persons permits (dispensations) can be bought online.  If you are unable to apply online for any reason or have concerns about online payments please take a look at our most frequently asked questions for details of alternative ways to apply for and pay for a permit.

As from the 3 January 2023, most of our resident zone parking permits will now be issued as digital permits instead of a paper permit to be displayed in your car or visiting cars.  Existing paper permits will be phased out as they come up for renewal throughout the year.  We’ll send you your usual reminder letter before your current permit expires with instructions on how to apply for a new permit and account with MiPermit Devon.

The first permit issued per address will cost £35, but the price for any additional permits will be linked to that vehicle’s road tax band.

Motorcycle owners who park in resident permit spaces also now need to buy a residents’ motorcycle parking permit. These cost £35 and are in addition to your property’s allocation of permits.

Exeter S1 Matchday scheme and Sidmouth A permits, essential visitor permits, annual trade or contractor permits and charity business pool permits will remain issued on paper at this time. Motorcycle owners do not need a permit for parking in the S1 or Sidmouth A zones.

Please note, the Council cannot process applications over the phone as proofs are required.  Nor can we take card payments for permits over the phone any more.  This is due to changes made by the banks about online purchases to protect their cardholders financial security.

Residents’ parking permits

Before applying for your permit please read our Residents’ parking permits factsheet for information about how and why zones are used, more information about the recent changes, and the types of proof details that will be required for first time applications.

A permit cannot guarantee you a parking space but does help manage parking and improve accessibility to a space for most residents living in those areas. The factsheet also provides information on:

  • who is eligible for a permit
  • an eligible address checklist
  • our permit terms and conditions of use
  • exemptions for Blue Badge holders

You can also read the most frequently asked questions and answers.

Resident parking permit numbers are limited. Usually, no more than two permits are allowed and not all addresses will qualify. Properties converted into flats, new builds, former business now residential properties and HMOs in existing resident permit areas may not qualify for a permit. Payment of Council Tax does not automatically entitle a resident to be able to buy an on-street resident permit.

Apply for or renew a residents’ parking permit

Resident visitors’ parking permits

Most addresses are entitled to two lots of visitor permits per year. You can either buy two blocks of visitor hours or two books of 30 one-day scratch card permits or buy one of each type.

A book of 30 visitors’ permits costs £30.00 (dependent on your location, restrictions apply). These can only be used by visitors to the address to which they were issued. They are not transferrable, refundable and cannot be sold on to anyone else.

Prepaid e-visitor permits work similarly to paying for parking by phone or an app. You enter the registration number of your visitor’s car or cars and select the number of hours needed for the duration of their stay. You can extend the period if more time is needed via your MiPermit app or online.

Essential visitor parking permits

One essential visitor parking permit is available to most addresses in our resident permit zones to any full-time resident who relies on family or friends for regular support so they can continue to live independently in their own home. Typically these permits are issued to our older residents with infirmities or, residents of any age with ongoing medical conditions, a disability, with or without a Blue Badge, but can be used for childcare by working parents relying on family for babysitting duties.

The permit is issued to the resident for them to give to the visitor to display in their car whilst they are providing care or support. When the visit is over, the permit should be handed back to the resident for re-use another time. Care workers and medical staff now have their own permit scheme and be able to display their own permit when visiting a patient or client’s home, but can use this permit too if visiting you.

From January 2023 there is a charge of £10 for this permit and all applications will require supporting evidence to demonstrate your eligibility for the permit and ongoing eligibility at the time of renewal.  You do need to upload 2 evidence proofs with your application. We’re looking for:

  • one piece of evidence to show that you are the owners or occupiers of the address, for example, Council Tax bill, tenancy agreement, utility bill, bank or benefit statement (only showing name and address of applicant, nothing more)
  • the second can be a copy of a prescription or letter from a GP/hospital or if you have a Blue Badge a photo or copy of the badge showing the holder’s name, badge number and expiry date. If this permit is for childcare use, one of the evidence documents must show the age or the date of birth of the youngest child at the house who is looked after.

In the supporting statement box on the application page, please give as much detail as you are able and willing to share, about how the permit will be used to support you and how often it would be used. Family, friends or support workers may apply on behalf of the persons they support, but the application and supporting documents should be in the name of the resident permit holder.

Business parking permits

Business parking permits may be provided for vehicles necessary for the day-to-day operation of a business based within the area of a residents’ parking scheme or zone, for example, a florist or sandwich delivery vans. A maximum of three permits per business if the business type is eligible. Guest house permits are also available to hotels operating in residential areas with no off-street parking.

  • First permit £35 – second permit £75 – third permit £150.
  • Registered charities can obtain business permits at £35 each.
  • Supported Living residential addresses may also qualify for business permits at the lowest charged business permit price.
  • Guest house* £30 – allocation of one day permits.

Business permits do not provide further exemptions to a holder for loading or unloading at their work premises. They are not issued to allow owners, managers, or staff to commute to and park near the business address in a resident zone whilst at work.

We are unable to add business parking permits for new business premises, or to a residential address where a business is operated from, or  a property address that is subject to a change of primary use which would increase the number of vehicles seeking parking in a road, e.g.  private house changed primary use to being let as an Air B n B after a resident parking scheme has been introduced .

If self-employed and operating a business from your home address, you cannot have a business permit for a works vehicle as well as your home address’s resident permit allocation.

*Guest House eligible addresses can be small hotels, bed and breakfast establishments or holiday let cottages trading at time of a zone’s introduction and identified during the consultation period.

As the County has declared a climate emergency and is working to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality, as permits are migrated to digital permits, business parking permit holders are being asked to provide supporting evidence of an ‘essential need’ for their permit with their applications. Permits being used mainly to commute to a workplace and park whilst at work in the past, are unlikely to be allowed in future.

Work permits for contractors, landlords or property owners and agents

Contractor or trade parking permits (dispensations) allow the holder to park on street in restricted areas across Devon. These permits are not valid in Torbay or Plymouth as they operate their own similar schemes.

Our trade parking permits and waivers are available daily or weekly and are usually used to carry out work at a property where it is essential to do that job to have a works vehicle parked close to the property. They should not be used to just get you to the worksite and home again later.

Professional removal vans are exempt, so don’t need a permit to park on yellow lines for loading and unloading, unless there is a prohibition of loading in place indicated by yellow kerb markings and in operation at the times you need to be working.

For more information on exemptions and how to register and apply please see Contractor Permits and Waivers scheme. You must apply and be approved by the Council before you will be able to buy an annual permit via our online page. Daily and weekly permits can be applied for at anytime.

Report misuse of a residents’ parking permit

If you suspect that a permit is being misused or has been obtained dishonestly or have concerns that a vehicle parked in your area may not be a digital permit holder, we want to hear from you.  Please use our online form to tell us more about your concerns and we will investigate.

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