Parking permits

All of our residential parking permits and dispensation permits can be bought online.  If you are unsure as to which permit you require, please see the information below:

Residents’ parking

Residents’ parking schemes are used in areas where there is more demand than spaces. They don’t guarantee a parking space, but help manage parking for people living in those areas.

Find out more in our Residents’ parking permits factsheet which contains information about applications and renewals as well as answers to some frequently asked questions.

Visitors’ permits

You can purchase a book of 30 visitors’ permits for £30.00 (dependant on your location, restrictions apply). These can only be used by visitors to the address to which they were issued. They are not transferrable and cannot be sold on to anyone else.

Essential visitors

One essential visitor permit is available to residents who are reliant on family or friends for regular support to continue to live in their home. The resident may be elderly, or disabled, with or without a blue badge. The permit is retained by the resident and can be used in any vehicle visiting them. This permit can also be used for families relying on family to provide childcare for a child under school age.

An essential visitor permit is currently issued free of charge.

Business permits

Business permits may be provided for vehicles necessary for the day to day operation of a business based within the area of a residents parking scheme or zone, for example, a florist or sandwich delivery vans. They are not provided for commuter parking near the business address.

  • Maximum of three permits per business.
  • First permit £30 – second permit £75 – third permit £150.
  • Registered charities can obtain business permits at £30 each.

Dispensation permits

Dispensation permits give you permission to park in restricted areas across Devon, but not in Torbay or Plymouth as they operate their own schemes. This would usually be to carry out work at a property where it is essential to park close to the property to do the work, and where there will be minimal impact on other road users, pedestrians and local businesses.

Professional removal vans are exempt, so don’t need a dispensation to park on yellow lines for loading and unloading, unless there is a prohibition of loading in place. For more information on exemptions, how to register and apply please see Parking dispensation scheme.

Report misuse of residents’ permits

If you suspect that a permit is being misused we want to hear from you. Please use our online form to tell us more about your concerns.

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